Random Recap: 2 Days 1 Night Episode 452

2 Days 1 Night is the first ever korean variety show that I’ve watched and learnt to love. It did hurt a lot watching it slip down to the gutters of terrible directing and editing. However, to my delight, the show seems to have gotten back it’s mojo from this episode. I’ve seen the episodes after and I have to say they’re struggling through it but it is moving in the right direction however small the step.

Even better, KBS World has been uploading english subbed episodes on their Youtube channel. Makes life easy as there is no need to panic if the raw videos are unavailable as it will definitely be available on KBS World youtube channel 3 or 4 weeks after. Of course, the wait can be a little painful.

We’ll explore the highlights of this episode.

This is the second episode to the trip to Gangneung. In the previous episode, they have explored different trails in groups of two except Jongmin who had to trek the mountains alone. He’s the best at this kind of missions and has even suffered in the Miss Korea outfit while roaming the streets of Seoul and more.


Taehyun and Taewoong are at the beach ready for a battle with the lifeguards in teeny tiny speedos to win some soda. I love how extravagant the games are just to win some measly prize. They play chicken fight battles and water games in which Taewoong cheated by distracting the lifeguard to win the overall game.


Sikyung and Joowon sit on the steps of the lighthouse for a break. Sikyung wonders if Joowon will be OK because they have another 2 kilometers to go and Joowon didn’t get to sleep at all last night (filming Good Doctor). I love this bromance. Joowon confides in Sikyung that sitting there and feeling the sea breeze he has started to think about his acting career. Sikyung tells him that he wishes both Joowon and Moon Chaewon well. (In these two episodes their talk have constantly circulated around Moon Chaewon because Sikyung filmed a music video with her before and Joowon is currently filming the drama Good Doctor with her.) Trying to promote the lighthouse, Sikyung says that it’ll be a good spot to just sit and have a soju and some snacks. While at that, your thoughts may drift to analyze your life. Sikyung’s for example: “What should I do on 2 Days 1 Night?” “What should I do for my next album?” “How should I continue acting?” Joowon jokingly pipes in, “How can I meet Moon Chaewon again?” which receives a “YA!!” from Sikyung. D’aww, how cute.

2d1n452009While at basecamp, everyone is making a fuss of Koyote being on Music Bank. I love these candid moments. Jongmin proclaims proudly that he was singing live and how Shinji has lost a lot of weight (he claims it to be 40kg LOL). Sugeun and Jongmin dances to the music.

2d1n452010Joowon and Sikyung takes a break lying on the seawall. These two are seriously like two pathetic single men doing stuff together while longing for a girlfriend. They finish the trail and share a cup ramen at the beach. They set up fireworks at the beach and watches in awe for a few seconds then it ends abruptly.


Sikyung and Joowon were the last to arrive at basecamp where the rest of the boys are casually lying around having a conversation. Sugeun lays there fast asleep. Of course Joowon has to make it a dog pile, so he runs into the room and takes his spot in between Taewoong and Sugeun on top of Sugeun. He gets a pat in the back from Jongmin. Sikyung takes a spot in the corner.


They have been taking short clips all day which they need to edit and make into a video. The ranking of the best video will determine what sort of dinner they will be having for the night. First up was Jongmin and his Jungle Book inspired video playing to the WRONG music: Circle of Life, soundtrack of The Lion King. He calls himself Jong-gli, an adaptation of our favourite Jungle Book character, Mowgli. It’s pretty funny with him acting like a (mad?) man living in the jungle.

2d1n452022 2d1n452024

Taehyun and Taewoong filmed all the sounds of kids’ laughter that they heard on the way. They didn’t forget to include their daughters into the clip. These two doting dads are so adorkable when they talk about their daughters. They won best video and get a scrumptious dinner.


Time for sleep bokbulbok and they play a series of games. First, the watermelon game where they need to pass watermelon skins (flesh taken out) filled with water with their feet. They need to pass 4 watermelons to the end of the line within 60 seconds. They line themselves in order of height from the tallest to the shortest with Sikyung’s brilliant reasoning that it’s easier to pass the watermelons downwards than having to push upwards each time. They start without a hitch because we have Sikyung and Joowon who are the firsts ones in line and are all no-nonsense-we-are-going-to-win-this in every game. The laughs come from the crazy fate of Taewoong and Jongmin with water and the bickering Haejin and Sugeun. They failed their first attempt and are allowed a second attempt but this time Lee PD have them switch up their position because “the view doesn’t look so good.” They’ve been getting crotch shots all this time.

2d1n452030They failed the second attempt and is given the third and final attempt. At this point, Taewoong, Jongmin and Taehyun look like they’ve peed their pants from all the water splashing down on them. The third attempt is a successful one with the boys completing their game in 55.35 seconds.

2d1n452042The second game: the boys go against each other one on one where each person is blindfolded and given a newspaper hat and sword. They need to attempt to whack off the newspaper hat that the opponent is wearing. First up is Haejin wins his game against Taehyun while Sikyung wins against Jongmin. In the third match we have Sugeun versus Joowon. Sugeun starts with a whole drama-like spiel about how he’s going to have Joowon’s head for killing his beloved parents. Haejin stops him and asks again “Where are your parents now?” Sugeun says in a quieter voice that they are alive and healthy. Ha! Joowon starts off with drawing his sword all Bridal Mask-like and poses with his arms stretched straight out. I wished someone screamed “gaksitaaaaaaal!” at that moment because it’s so fitting. Sugeun makes all these funny comic poses. So Mr. Bridal Mask there was all to ambitious swinging his paper sword all over while taking big strides and was ousted because he stepped out of the fight zone (the tarp on the ground).

2d1n452043Next up we have the bickering duo up against each other. Sugeun starts strong, whacking all the right (or wrong?) places to infuriate Haejin. One strike on the thigh and the second on the butt and everyone’s thinking how on earth did he get so good and precise at this game? Sikyung lifts up Sugeun’s newspaper hat and finds his blindfolds lowered! LOL They restart the game and this time with Haejin cheating and hitting Sugeun hard with his newspaper sword for revenge. They restart the game yet again and this time they both play it fairly. Haejin wins.

2d1n452048Then it’s Sikyung versus Taewoong. Taewoong works out this move to protect his newspaper hat. He grabs is paper sword with both hands and swings it back and forth. One comments that he looks like a windshield wiper and the next says he’s dancing to DJ DOC’s Bounce with Me. The show cuts to Taewoong’s latest drama Blade and Petal with the captions saying that he’s making money off of his sword fighting charisma. Back to 2 Days 1 Night and the super skilled swordsman is doing a monkey-like Bounce with Me motion to protect his hat. No-nonsense competitive Sikyung wins this one.


They have Jongmin and Taehyun against each other to determine the loser. Taehyun has a brilliant idea and whispers it to
Sugeun. Sugeun motions for Joowon to follow him and they both pick up the red basin filled with water from the watermelon game and positions it behind Jongmin. This is going to be fun… Taehyun rips two holes in his blindfolds making it perfect to see through and proceeds to hit Jongmin this way and that but Jongmin does not fall into the water. Probably feeling a little frustrated, Sugeun positions Jongmin in front of Taehyun telling them both that it is easier for them to hit each other this way. Taehyun sees the chance and gives Jongmin a little push and Jongmin ends up in the basin.

2d1n452053Seeking revenge, Jongmin grabs a watermelon shell to scoop some water and throws it in the direction of the boys. The boys run for their dear life except Taehyun who had his back turn against Jongmin not witnessing the mess going on behind him. Taehyun gets doused by the second scoop of water and then the producers, writers and cameramen gets a taste too. All the boys come back to cheer for Sikyung who won a massage and gets to choose two people that will share his winnings. He picks Taewoong who faked back pain and Jongmin who is drenched. Immediately after the announcement the boys take a few steps backwards because Jongmin is still holding onto the watermelon shell filled with water.

2d1n452060Official filming has ended and it is Sikyung’s turn to be a little naughty as he fills his watermelon shell with water. The boys carefully and quickly take a few steps backwards hoping to avoid getting splashed. Sikyung gives up and throws his water into the bushes nearby as Jongmin picks up another watermelon shell and proceeds to fill it with water. Sikyung turns around to find Jongmin holding a full watermelon shell of water while he just tossed his into the bush. There’s a few seconds where they stare at each other in silence but it is as if you can hear them think — Sikyung: “Darn. Why did I throw away all that water?” Jongmin: “You threw away all that water. *evil grin*”. Sugeun interrupts acting like a neighbourhood ajusshi that is awaken by the noise they are making. Sikyung grabs some more water after and both he and Jongmin resolved to a more civilized(?) way of solving their water fight: rock, paper, scissors. The loser gets doused with water. Dear PD, can we have more of these candid moments please?

2d1n452064Morning mission: the boys will find 7 different kinds of sock in the swimming pool nearby. They need to put on their chosen sock and the person that holds onto his sock the longest will win the game and get to choose one out of 4 missions to complete before going home. Of course, there’s the golden ticket of going home immediately after breakfast. They run off to the pool and the sock choices ranges from long socks to stockings to toe socks. The boys form an alliance to eliminate Jongmin. Taewoong, Haejin and Taehyun followed after. It’s down to Sugeun, Joowon and Sikyung so Sugeun suggest a new game where each person has to prevent their socks from being taken off within 3 seconds. Smart (or silly?) move for Sugeun because he won’t be able to stand up to the two giants in terms of brute strength. Joowon goes first and has a death grip on the toe sock he was wearing so he survives. Sugeun goes next and his sock comes off easily. Not so smart move after all?

2d1n452067Time to determine the winner of this game. Joowon and Sikyung go head to head in a swimming competition. The first one to reach the float wins. Joowon starts strong and finishes strong making him the winner of the overall competition.

2d1n452071Time to pick and choose their missions after breakfast. Joowon has the first choice and he jokes that the weather is perfect to be eating with a bikini clad girl (one of the missions on the list). It’s cute how the boys are fussing over how Jongmin needs to get back to Seoul in time for a music show and try to give him a mission that can be done in a short amount of time. Joowon chose to go home, or more like going back to filming his drama. Why isn’t Taewoong pressed on time for his drama? He should also still be filming Blade and Petal here. Sikyung chooses to go for a yummy lunch with bikini clad women, Taehyun and Sugeun chose to visit a coffee plantation, Haejin pick to walk the trail, and that leaves Taewoong and Jongmin to go parasailing. Sugeun knows that Jongmin has a fear of heights so he offers to switch missions with Jongmin. How sweet!

2d1n452073Breakfast looks so appetizing! It’s noodles served in an ice bowl.


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