Get the Look: Chae Gyeong in Good Doctor Episode 16

While Chae Gyeong (Kim Min Seo) isn’t the prettiest person on the inside, she sure is the female character with the best fashion sense. Can’t say the same for her makeup though. She always looks a bit too… light brown and pale for my liking.



In this episode, she takes Park Si On (Joo Won) shopping because he did not have a jacket. She buys him a 875,000 won ($875) sweater that looks good on him but really, who buys a stupid sweater if they had 875 bucks? As Park Si On says: I had no idea she bought me a sweater worth 952 triangle sushis. If I had 875 bucks, I would rather buy 10 sweaters priced at $87.50 each.

Let’s replicate Chae Gyeong’s look without using Chae Gyeong’s budget! We’ll keep it budget friendly with H&M items.

Lovely Lace Skater Dress in Royal


Faux Leather Jacket with studded details

Want to try something different? Let’s switch it up


Dark blue blazer; black peplum dress with spike studs

Tune in to Good Doctor every Monday and Tuesday!

Photos from H&M website


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