Friday Five: How to Survive Through a Snoozefest


Snoozefest Survival Guide
1. Check Facebook. What better way to kill time than to snoop on other people’s lives? Check up on who got a new boyfriend, who has gone through a bad break up, who bought a new car, who got their car stolen and so on. I hate to admit that I have a few particular people that I love to check out. It’s because they’re living in one of the most happening cities and also have an interesting fashion sense (and lots of ka-ching! for trendy clothes).

2. Listen to the world’s most annoying song. Everyone has a song that drives them crazy because it’s so annoying. Once upon a time, it was that “bing, bing, bing…” song by that crazy frog. Recently, it’s the Banana song by those crazy minions from Despicable Me 2. Take a listen, and you know what I mean. The animation is awfully cute though. I like the part where one of those yellow little guys get hit.

3. Eat sour gummies. When you do not have access to the technology to do the stuff listed above, it’s time to resort to food. Some people eat mints to stay awake, but for me sour candies or sour gummies work the best. Sours makes your face contort and brows furrow making it a perfect way to keep yourself awake and perhaps getting some facial exercise.

4. Pinching yourself. The most medieval way that works but be ready for bruises the next day. I’ve done this so severely to my arm before that people were giving me sad looks after seeing my bruised arm. They asked me what happened and whether I’ve actually fallen down and scratched it. Heh. Awkward.

5. Do random math equations in your head. Add up all the numbers of the time, multiply all the numbers on a licence plate or stick to something as simple as calculating the number of times someone says the word “and”.


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