The Weekend Remix: Minions Style!

Morning everyone! I felt so happy to be mentioned by Mushroom in her previous post, lol!!

To kick start the weekend (movie review coming soon, I promise!) I thought I’d do a new series with some songs I’m currently loving. I called it The Weekend Remix! 😀

Here’s my two fave songs (of course, they have to be by the Minions):

Minions: The Banana Song
I actually forget when they sang this song. Maybe they didn’t and it’s just bonus material. Regardless, I love it so much I have part of it as my ringtone, and when my phone rings on the bus I either get weird stares from grannies or giggles from kids our age and understand my need to do so. ❤

Minions: I Swear

This is the song the minions sang at Gru and Lucy’s wedding. It was a hilarious moment and the whole audience burst into laughter (as if we werent already!)


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