Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 178


So it’s time for the babies of the WGM family to have their photo shoot!  They are both in hair and makeup getting dolled up for the shoot.  Taemin finishes up with hair and makeup and takes a peek at Naeun from behind a divider.  They have their awkward and shy greeting where Taemin tries to be the man to keep the conversation flowing.  Naeun admits to feeling awkward at seeing him and Taemin asks if he should just go home.  Of course, she says no.

Danny Ahn feels that this exchange is a little off and wonders if they have been in contact with each other since they’ve exchanged phone numbers previously.  His suspicion was right because Taemin then asks Naeun if it felt awkward talking to him on the phone.  I’m giggling at the hosts’ reaction in the studio from hearing that they called each other.  Naeun says that it isn’t awkward over the phone, so Taemin walks behind the divider and fakes a phone call. “Hello?  Is it awkward now?” Oh Taemin, Taemin.  He walks out from behind the divider and she says it’s awkward again.  She doesn’t wanna see you, love.  😉  He insists that they sit face to face.  Good job, Taemin.He tells her that he wasn’t expecting her to contact him because she has a reputation to be hard to contact.  He was shocked and happy to see a text message the morning after he gave her his number.  She wonders if he remembers what she sent and he replies that she said she loved him.  His words against hers.  She’s taken aback by his answer but comes back strong with “that wasn’t me though…” which could suggest many things.  Another girl?  He is fast to twist it around saying that it was probably a text between him and a fan.

Naeun fretted over what to send to Taemin.  Anyeong (hi) seems a bit too weird to her so she settled for “did you sleep well last night?”  Two greetings in Asian culture that Western people may find weird: (1) have you eaten? (2) did you sleep well? 😀

wgm178tn001Before the photo shoot they decide to practice having eye contact with each other for 10 seconds.  She holds her gaze well and Taemin is shocked.  “You’re not Naeun, are you?”  He inches closer for another practice at eye contact until they are 3 inches away from each other.  Not too bad as she doesn’t scream with terror as he comes near.  They decide to switch roles and have Naeun approach Taemin instead.  She moves closer to Taemin and he tells her to slow down!  Then he tells her to back off a little.  Trying to act like a big boy but failed!  She tries again a second time and Taemin is flinching, squirming and blinking rapidly.  This time he complains that she’s approaching too slowly.  This photo shoot ain’t gonna happen today, huh?

wgm178tn002The moment they start their photo shoot, they are given a hard task.  The photographer request that they hold hands for the first shoot.  Even maintaining eye contact was hard enough.  They hesitated a little, as if not knowing how to hold another person’s hand.  Taemin keeps having a big smile on his face.  Too happy for a photo shoot that is supposed to be Twilight themed.  They are losing focus because they are holding hands and breaking into a large goofy grin every few seconds.  Once they get a hold of themselves and hold the smiles in, the photos turn out beautiful.  They know what to do with themselves in front of the camera, credits to their idol group careers.

wgm178tn003 wgm178tn004

The second shoot have them stuck shoulder to shoulder and Taemin is liking this too much.  They switch up their pose and Naeun is told by the photographer to place her hand on Taemin’s shoulder.  The return of big goofy grin!

wgm178tn019Naeun says that Taemin is a real man during the photo shoot.

wgm178tn020It’s eye contact time for the third setting!  Their cheekbones gets higher and higher…  Taemin finally gets a grip of himself and stares hard at Naeun for the shot only to hear from the staff that his gaze is too strong.  These two little babies…

wgm178tn025Check out their official photos on the MBC We Got Married website!

Love Naeun’s hair and dresses in these photos.


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