Pretty Little Liars Episode 406: Under the Gun

I actually cried at the end of the episode. It was sooo sad. Hashtag for this week’s episode is #poorhanna. This recap post will be a bit on the long side so without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Aria’s Love Life


Why is Aria disconnected from the whole A thing and is only focused on her love life? She should really get her act together and learn from her past mistakes. She may think she’s being nice but really, other people have cruel intentions.

Aria gets slammed in the face for sleeping with her teacher when she helps Conner, a classmate of her younger brother Mike with his homework, and tells him she’s not interested in him THAT way when he tries to make a move on her. With his ego knocked off a notch, Conner gets back at Aria and tells his whole team that they hooked up. Mike yells at Aria and she goes to confront Conner in the locker room, when he says “everyone knows you and Mr. Fitz weren’t just Scrabble buddies. How many points for the word slut?” When Aria leaves, Mr. Fitz was behind her watching the whole thing. He tries to help her when she gets bullied by all the boys and Aria tells Mr. Fitz to leave her alone.

Mike then talks to his sister at home and promises to be a better brother and that he would stick up for her more in the future. At the end of the episode we see someone smashing Conner’s car with a bat.

2. Emily’s New Classmate 


Well doesn’t that look like a friendly welcome to Rosewood High expression! Emily definitely is not happy that Shauna transferred to Rosewood High, apparently to keep watch for her own girlfriend Jenna. Much to her dismay Emily finds out from the perpetrator herself that she’s even her replacement on the Rosewood swim team. Basically Shauna wants to ruin Emily’s life and is perfectly fine watching her crumble while doing so. Those are the girls I’d love to hate.

Emily is determined to help out Hanna by telling her that everything will be fine if she exposes the chip of the night when Wilden was missing to the cops. A only mentioned that if Hanna “barked” she’ll “bite”, and Hanna eventually gave in and handed over the last piece of evidence. When Emily goes to the police office to put up flyers of the Open Mic Nite event she also places a digital copy of the chip on Lt. Tanner’s desk. Lt. Tanner definitely gets it but the clip on the disc is definitely not what Emily wanted her to see. The clip showed Red Coat in an Emily mask with a sign saying GUILTY.

Emily is now on the suspect list but they don’t know what she’s guilty of…….. yet. I would’ve thought as a police office they would have security cameras, but maybe Lt. Tanner is just giving Emily a hard time.

3. #poorhanna


Well. Doesn’t the hashtag explain itself clearly to you? Hanna stepped into A’s trap by finding the gun in her mom’s New York luggage, and tried to get rid of it instead of doing the smart thing by bringing it back to her dad. Being on “house arrest”, she is not allowed out or visitors, except for when Emily came over to give her homework to talk about the chip. Up until now Mrs. Marin seems very disoriented and out of character, and above all she seems guilty for something that she may have done. The evidence of who killed Detective Wilden is pointing towards Mrs. Marin in very distinct manners, but a text from A to Hanna reveals that this is all just a setup and that they are just framing her for no reason at all.

In the first three seasons A’s pranks and hoaxes were all high school, non life-threatening well, threats. But now things have gotten deeper and it’s no joking matter. Hanna really loves her mom (obviously) and is heart broken that her mom has to go through this but cannot say a word. I believe Mr. Marin is also very upset as well. He actually cares about Mrs. Marin when she seems to forget something is on the stove, and when she burns herself.

I think if they can get through these hard times, Mr. Marin will eventually fall back in love with his little family in Rosewood. He’ll see how much Hanna actually needs him, an older form of support that has authority verses Caleb who can’t really do much.

1. Who is the one who bashed Conner’s car at Open Mic Nite? We see Mr. Fitz stalling for a bit behind the curtains watching Aria (that’s a bit creepy lol), but Mike promises her that he’ll make up for it.

2. Were you guys creeped out by the blue-tinted Ravensworth Town? Who is the lady that was observing the casket? Who was the guy peeking through the blinds? Why was there weird music that everyone in the town collectively gathered at a meeting spot in the graveyard?

3. Do you think Mrs. Marin is REALLY guilty? If not, who do you think really killed Wilden? Could it be A?


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