Jung Chi & Jung In – We Got Married Episode 178

This week is the reveal of the “wedding” / couple photo shoots for all three couples.  The photos are currently on the MBC website where viewers can vote for their favourite couple’s photo collection.  I know I don’t typically recap Jung Chi and Jung In parts, but it’s picture heavy for this episode anyway so I’m on it. 😉

The episode kick starts with the peculiar couple picking out the wedding dress(es).  Jung In looks at all the dresses on the rack and points out the pretty dresses she liked.  She picks out a swirly design long white dress, a pink long dress and a swirly mini wedding dress.  Happy with her selection, both the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ make their way to the dressing room to try on their dresses and tuxedos.  Sounds pretty normal up till now, eh?

Jung In walks out from the dressing room and the camera zooms towards her legs.  There’s something a little off here.  She’s wearing black pants?  Oh GawD.  Does that mean that Jung Chi…?  He is wearing…?  Seriously…?  Really…?  REALLY.

wgm178004Is it weird that I don’t think he looks too bad in that dress?  Reminds me of the ending scene of the Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss (the early Taiwanese version of Playful Kiss).  Oh boy, man did Zhi Shu (the equivalent of Seung Jo) look bad in that dress.

wgm178006 wgm178010

The pink dress that Miss Korea wore!

wgm178011 wgm178013 wgm178015

It just seems so wrong that Jung Chi is enjoying himself so much…  Him in the mini dress and long veil looks a little disturbing.

wgm178019Comes day of the photo shoot and from their first set of outfits it’s obvious that they are not doing the traditional white wedding dress and dreamy photos.  They’re much more interesting this way, I think.


During the shoot they struggled a little bit with their facial expression but the photos turn out gorgeous.  The awesome things filters do to photos…

wgm178024 wgm178025

They change into their second outfit which is a tight form fitting white dress for Jung In and a dress shirt and pants with suspenders for Jung Chi.  Of course he takes the opportunity to imitate Girls’ Day suspender dance.


Who knew all it took was some make up and hair product to get rid of Jung Chi’s beggar image.

wgm178027 wgm178028 wgm178029

The concept for this group of photos: Jung Chi trying to run away from Jung In?

wgm178030 wgm178031 wgm178037 wgm178038

Finally, the last photo shoot session is one inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  Jung Chi and Jung In are convinced that this styling would be hard to pull off by Taemin and Naeun.  Never underestimate the young uns.  These are the people that are filming pretty provocative K-pop music videos.  I think if they are competitive they may be able to pull it off, but may not be able to look as relaxed and natural as Jung Chi and Jung In.  Adorable pics!

wgm178040 wgm178041

Check out their official pics on the MBC We Got Married website!


One thought on “Jung Chi & Jung In – We Got Married Episode 178

  1. Thanks for the recap! I really appreciate this since their video in Dailymotion and KShowOnline is not working. 🙂 Thank you again!

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