Pretty Little Liars Episode 405: Gamma Zeta Die


Recently in past episodes, PLL writers have been upping the drama in the show. Which is good because that’s what the show is famous for! Let’s get right to the three highlights, shall we?

1. Spencer and Emily

Are they having a falling out or is Emily just trying to stick up for herself?


The number that Tippy the Parrot was “singing” tracked the girls to Cicero University, and Spencer takes advantage of her meeting with her private admissions adviser Brendon Robinson to give her an opportunity to get on campus. Desperate for a backup plan Emily tags along too, but unsuspectingly manages to catch Brendon’s heartstrings. Spencer sees this and accuses Emily of failing to mention she’s gay, and Emily bites back with another remark about how Spencer doesn’t need to work as hard as others because she’s got a safety net of cash waiting for her to bounce back on.

Emily eventually owns up to who she really is and admits to Brendon about her sexuality. He backs off romantically but wants to be friends with her still. I feel that after Emily fought off Nate (the “fake” cousin of her first girlfriend), she has really gotten really strong and knows what she wants and is brave enough to fight for it no matter the cost.

2. Aria’s Desperation
Mike: Why are you so desperate to ship Mom off to Europe?


Aria’s mom, Ella (I finally figured it out!) was attacked by one of “A”‘s attempts to scare the girls with a swarm of bees in her car which Ella whacked at (who would do such a thing? I would’ve booked it outta there ASAP!). Aria is desperate to get her mom out of town when the “A Team” is in full force and tries to “ship her off”, but to other people it gives out a bad impression. To Mike (by the way, who thinks he’s “aged well”? wink 😉 lol), he thinks that Aria just wants mom out of the house just so she can have less supervision.

Aria even goes to her dad for help to persuade Mom to get out of town before its too late. I believe Byron still loves Ella a lot and cannot bear to see her “run away with her new boyfriend”, but because he loves her and senses some kind of desperation he helps out his daughter. We’ll see if his art of persuasion is successful next week. 🙂

3. Hiding Hanna
Why did Mrs. Marin start locking her closet door when she never did?


Poor girl. Her boyfriend Caleb is out camping with his father whom he recently reunited with and she’s too afraid to call her dad when she finds a hidden gun in her mom’s LOCKED closet. Damn, this girl is no dumb blonde when it comes to determination! Hanna tries calling her friends but of course they are all occupied with something, and she decides to visit Cicero University where Emily and Spencer are (remember they’re in the middle of a fight). Hanna finds Spencer and shows her the gun in her bag and immediately Spencer forgets her argument with Emily and is determined to find her to help Hanna.

Getting impatient at the rowdy partiers Hanna decides to take actions into her own hands, grabs a beer mug, and goes out to hide the gun that was found in her mother’s closet. Suddenly as she grabs hold of the weapon and was about to place it into the soil the cops came and arrested her for having possession of an armed weapon.

Honestly speaking, Hanna should’ve listened to Spencer and waited no matter how noisy or wreckless the crowd got. But I don’t blame her, she doesn’t have any guidance to what’s wrong and what’s right. I can only imagine how upset and furious Caleb is going to be when he finds out Hanna tried to hide a crucial piece of evidence in the Wilden case. But one can only imagine how upset her mother would be to find out that her own daughter is willing to risk her life just to protect her.

I really enjoyed this episode 🙂 it had a lot of ups and downs and the soundtrack really added the mood to it. Keep up the great work, Pretty Little Liars writers! Cheers to Season 5 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Episode 405: Gamma Zeta Die

    • Thanks! And how could I have missed that lol:)

      Are you following PLL closely? When I was out cold with a terrible flu last season, I was able to finish S1-3 within 2 weeks! XD It felt quite an accomplishment hahaha. Please come back for more PLL recaps!

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