Pretty Little Liars Episode 404: Face Time


Whoa. Talk about making up a non-exciting episode to an episode that seemed to fly by within 10 minutes. So much happened and I don’t really know where to start lol, luckily I got ontop of the past two seasons and am on top of the whole show. Let’s talk about the three highlights in my eyes that happened this week on the Pretty Little Liars:

1. Emily’s Family


This may be the first time that Emily Fields is afraid of her dad coming home from the army (or has a solemn expression on her face when she broke the news to the girls about his return). During last week’s episode, someone calls Family Services about Mrs. Fields being too rough on Emily and she thinks it’s “A” who called them. Emily ends up telling her mom the truth that she took her medication to relieve her shoulder pain from falling on rocks, and now her parents are afraid she’s falling deeper and deeper. From losing her position in university due to her injury (therefore cancelling out her chances of winning a swimming scholarship), to recent family struggles, Mr. and Mrs. Fields is afraid their daughter may be turning to drugs to cope (she goes to her doctor to straighten things out and finds out she needs surgery).

Of course the struggles don’t stop and they were yelling again and Emily runs out of the house to find Paige, her girlfriend. Someone reports “domestic disturbance” at their place and the police is there when Emily gets home. The parents aren’t worried too much about the reputation they are receiving (they come from a reputable background: mother works in the police department, and father is in the army) but they are most worried about their daughter.

I think they have a right to be concerned about their daughter… I would too if I were her mother. Off topic, but I think the room that I am most jealous of is Emily’s. I really want a window seat too. It looks so comfy!

2. Hanna’s Mom (Ashley Marin)


O.M.G. Does anyone else agree with me that Officer Gabriel Holbrook is one hot detective?!  *I* wouldn’t mind him snooping around in my house! 😉 LoL jokes. I was watching the last episode with my boyfriend and I asked if the actor looked familiar to him, and he said Officer Holbrook looked like a young Tom Cruise. I immediately squealed and my boyfriend rolled his eyes in feigned boredom lol.

Officer Holbrook is paired with his creepy ass partner, State Police Lieutenant, Lt. Tanner to figure out the death of Detective Wilden (although late, he was still creepy. What’s with Rosewood’s law department and hiring creepy detectives?). They search the safe deposit box that belonged to Detective Wilden and they find thousands of dollars and even a GUN. They interrogate Mrs. Marin about being the only one seeing the contents of the box and she tries to suppress her uncertainty and play along to their search.

Hanna is very protective of her mother (she said to Caleb before that she will do whatever it takes to protect her), but she herself needs answers and asks her mom in the end if she killed Detective Wilden. Mrs. Marin told Hanna that whatever happens will not touch her in any way.

I think she’s slowly starting to crack and her strong act is slowly disintegrating. But right after we’re done deciding that Mrs. Marin is the killer, Spencer outsmarts Melissa and we get confused all over again. Where’s the Advil/bottle of whiskey that I so desperately need? XD

3. Spencer Outsmarting Melissa


So we all know that Spencer’s been eyeing her older sister Melissa for a very long time, probably since the end of last season.

Spencer finally wants to get some real answers and not some silly hearsay from people they talk to. She wants the real deal, the missing pieces to the neverending jigsaw puzzle regarding the death of Ally’s murder, but now it seems like a neverending murder. She places the mask that may belong to Melissa (Hanna finds it in the costume mask artists’ shop while snooping around last episode) in her lugagge for the purpose of seeing her reaction. Melissa says still for a while when she finds the mask, and then runs to Hector’s (the costume mask artist) shop and grabs a bag full of clay masks and destroys them all.

Spencer confronts Melissa after she breaks everything and is shocked by the rage that eventually broke her older sister. I have never seen the soft-spoken older, mature sister freak out like that and it was a little shocking to me too. They interrogate each other for a bit (Spencer to Melissa about being on the train and Melissa to Spencer about putting the mask in her luggage) and at the end of it Spencer asks Melissa the million dollar question if she was the one who killed Detective Wilden.

In the gravest tone, Melissa told Spencer to let it go or it will break apart in no ways it will imagine.

To be honest, I am a little confused. I know the point of mystery/murder thriller shows is to have the viewer guessing, but it’s sooo confusing. First, we learn that Mrs. Marin (Hanna’s mom) may have stole Mr. Marin’s gun and that the new State investigators came to their property for investigation, and now we’ve learned that Melissa had dealt with Wilden before he died and that she and the rest of the group (group undisclosed) was afraid of him.

Who do you think is the real killer? I swear, the real killer of Wilden probably isn’t either Mrs. Marin or Melissa Hastings and that they’re just directing all the attention on someone else. But that may be dangerous because since all the attention is diverted to two parties, the REAL killer is free to do whatever s/he wants.

We shall see 🙂


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