Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

Duration: 120 minutes
Genre: Action, Thriller
Year: 2013

When a member of the President of the United State’s Secret Agents defies the President himself by failing to save his wife on Christmas Day is fired from duty, that seems to be the turning point where if the former workforce can still trust Agent Mike Manning again when hell breaks loose at the White House.There’s lots of death, shooting, and torture, but that’s what brings you to the edge of your seat. In the beginning they invite seemingly innocent visitors from South Korea act as delegates visiting the White House. Suddenly they’re in a midst of a war when a jet flies dangerously close to the White House and when told to land it doesn’t and it starts shooting. Bullets starts flying everywhere and bloodshed is abundant. In the beginning I had mixed feelings because I felt really grossed out by all the killings (its very gory) and the torture that the people had to go through seemed so realistic. But I guess that’s why they were chosen for the part – their acting is believable and it makes you feel for the characters. During the war and all the bloodshed, the President is captured at ransom for whatever the head of the Terrorist team wants. But what’s the most terrifying for the President is that Conner, his only child with the woman he loved is missing. Through all the bloodshed the President’s only fear is his the safety of his son. Ex-Agent Manning has taught little Conner all the secret passageways and wall hideouts scattered along the most protected building in the United States of America.

Despite the fact that I could barely watch the torture the Secret Services employees had to endure due to the protection of their country in the midst of a war (and even though I am not American myself), I felt a surge of pride for these people that are so patriotic to their flag and their land and the honour they have displayed upon the role they have been given to.

I really liked this movie and I would highly recommend it to a couple who’s looking for something action-packed and even a bit comical. This movie is all about betrayal in the worst possible manner and following your instinct on who to trust.


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