Pretty Little Liars Episode 403: Cat’s Cradle

Sorry for the late post this week. Been a bit occupied with out-of-town guests that has been here for a while! This week’s episode wasn’t really that exciting (in my opinion), but here’s the highlights in my eyes! They all seem to gravitate towards the girl’s moms though.

1. Aria’s Mom


Ever since splitting with Byron, Aria and Mike’s dad, Aria’s mom (anyone remember her name? I forget hehe) meets the owner of the coffee shop in their town, Zack. He’s young and hip, and totally different from Byron (much older, stiff, and serious). I remember Aria even being surprised when she first saw him with her mom. ANYWAY! XD Off topic lol.

Zack, now her longtime serious boyfriend, was chosen to go to Vienna for less than a year for a work exchange, and he asked Aria’s mom to go with him. Being a very practical and home-y kind of woman, she immediately declines and finds excuses NOT to go, even though I think deep inside of her she really wants to go. It takes a lot of sweet nothings from Zack and a pep talk from her own daughter about how love and passion aren’t suppose to be easy. It’s supposed to be, well, passionate and that she deserves to go after all the hard work she’s done raising the two kids and the unhappiness she went through with their dad.. Rolling her eyes, she finally gives in and agrees. Let’s see where this takes us. 🙂

2. Emily’s Mom


We all have the occasional quarrel with our parents and yes, even in public. Even I have to admit that I’ve quarreled in front of my high school with my mom. But the difference is that I didn’t have a stalker in high school lol. “A” witnesses this (or someone on the “A” team) and then reported her mom to Family Services which reported the situation to a government bureaucrat officer (I dont know these term meanings, I just learned them from the show ahaha) which reported the mother officially. Emily’s mother, Mrs. Fields, is a little worried and called her dad from the army to come home to fix up the mess. I do feel a little upset at “A” for meddling into the PERSONAL lives of the girls. Torturing them is fine (well not FINE, but as long as they dont hurt anyone else) but now they are targeting the girls’ loved ones. I’m a bit anxious to see what’s going to happen next.

3. Hanna’s Mom


Poor Hanna, trying her best to protect her mother’s innocence. She’s now at the point where she doesn’t know what’s true or false after she tried chatting up her mom about her “trip” to New York. Her mom said that it was all meetings and conferences and they sent them off to a musical for all their hard work. However when at her mom’s office, Hanna sees a bouquet of flowers and asks who they’re from, who her mother replies that it’s from the bank. When she leaves to deliver something, Hanna sees the Thank You card from the bouquet and it said, “The show was a dud. I hope you’re feeling better.” Which CLEARLY indicated that her mother did NOT go to the show at all (probably lied and said she felt sick). So that leaves out her mother to be the killer of Detective Wilden.

Caleb, her boyfriend, goes into uber protective mode and even approaches her father about it. He told him that Hanna is lost and needs some kind of authoritative upper hand to protect her through all this. Mr. Marin confesses that Hanna’s mom came to visit him before the detective was murdered and stole his gun. The show ends with Hanna’s mom chatting with Hanna through the door and apologizing about blowing up at each other. That’s nice. However, her mom was running a bubblebath and at the looks of her lost and soulless expression, I think she may be contemplating drowning herself in the bath.

I really hope she doesn’t. Hanna really loves her mom and if she does anything stupid like that, Hanna will break. I think the reason why she is trying so hard to believe that her mom didn’t do anything is because she truly, truly, loves her. I hope her mom sees that.


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