1+1 Gwiyomi (Cutie) Song

Have any of you wondered where this trend started?  I have been watching idol groups do the absolutely skin crawling “1+1 Gwiyomi (Cutie)” song so much that I started to wonder where this originated from.  Most of Asia has caught the “Gwiyomi” disease, and is said to be a Gangnam Style rival in Asia.  Let’s discover more about this song!  I’m no expert on the subject matter, but I do have pretty good google-ing skills 😉 (Just watched a movie called “The Internship” last night so the Googliness rubbed off on me.)

Gwiyomi (Cutie) Song is released by a singer named Hari.  The song was not a big hit upon release. The following is the English translation of the Gwiyomi Song based on the video above.

I ordered a piece of chocolate muffin, waiting for a tasty cup of milk,

Oppa and I are sitting face to face, we scribbled lovely things on each others palms,

Don’t look at somebody else, you’re mine,

Don’t associate yourself with other girls, I’m yours,

Pinky promise me, you’ll never leave me alone. ♡


1+1 cutie, 2+2 cutie, 3+3 cutie, c-c-cutie, c-c-cutie,

4+4 is also cutie, 5+5 is also cutie, 6+6 *smacking lips 6 times* cutie, I’m cute!

(Repeat ♡)


1, 2, 3, 4 I close my eyes when you come to me,

When you touch my cheeks with both your hands,

I stop your lips from kissing me.


(Repeat ♡)

With the power of K-pop boys being a little silly, it gets transformed into the following version with actions.  Watch the original Gwiyomi Song plus hand actions at the 5:50 mark.

It’s interesting how the original version did not even have explosive aegyo (acting cute) voice added to it.  Jung Ilhoon of the idol boy band BTOB demonstrated it with a monotonous voice while adding actions fitting to the lyrics.  It’s all in a days work, as he demonstrates the song in between signing autographs on BTOB albums.

What BTOB did next was to take it to Weekly Idol.  The hosts of the show remembers them for it and reuses it to pester other celebrities on Weekly Idol.

When Jung Ilhoon was a guest host of the show, he challenges idol girl group Miss A with the Gwiyomi Song and if they successfully replicate it, they get to sample some good food.  Suzy attempts it twice, only to fail when she gets up to 3+3 because of wanting to tear her hair out from the embarrassment.  Fei passes the test, Jia failed it by eventually mumbling through the song and Min completed it with good flow and timing but screamed in disgust after she’s done it.  Hilarious!

Other idol groups that appear as guests on Weekly Idol also attempted the Gwiyomi Song.  The video above is one of Baro of B1A4 with his aegyo explosion.

The trend soon took off and many fans uploaded compilation videos of their favourite Korean celebs performing the Gwiyomi song.

Cutest Rendition of Gwiyomi Song (according to Mushroom)

I usually cringe when I watch all the K-pop idols trying to do the Gwiyomi Song, but there is one exception where all I did was say “aww…”.  Joowon was late for 2 Days 1 Night filming and the other guys made him do the Gwiyomi Song as a punishment.  He’s the youngest, so the older guys make him do all the fluff on the show.  The way he did it with a shy smile really made him look like a 3-year-old boy.  I admit that I have a soft spot for all 2 Days 1 Night guys.

Best Rendition of Gwiyomi Song (according to Mushroom)

Why is it the best? Because (1) it’s filmed nicely, if not, professionally! (2) it’s a full reenactment of the whole song (3) it’s Kim Hyun Joong 😀 (4)  Hyun Joongie gulped down some beer before performing the song.  Really, who can actually do this sober?  What really made me laugh out loud was the fact that they cut some clips of him in fight scenes of his drama and inserted it in between the song.  It’s a stark comparison between how butt-kicking this guy can be and how he can be reduced to a cringe-worthy aegyo king.  Knowing him from watching all too many SS501 videos than I am willing to admit, Kim Hyun Joong usually has a terrible ‘allergic reaction’ after doing something cutesy.  Another interesting point in the video is when a girl drinks some milk and spits it on a guy that is lying on her lap.  That is just epic.

Feel free to leave comments about your favourite idol member’s version of the “1+1 Gwiyomi” Song below.


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