Taemin ♡ Naeun – We Got Married Episode 174

wgm174005 wgm174008

Warning: Picture heavy post!  The SHINee boys are so much fun that I cannot resist inserting lots of photos for this post.  Enjoy!

From the last episode, Taemin and Naeun received a mission card informing them that the SHINee brothers / brother-in-laws will be coming over for a visit.  Taemin and Naeun have tiny breakdowns when they heard the news.  They head on home to prepare a good meal for the visitors.  Contrary to the last time she was in the kitchen, this time around Naeun seems to be really good at figuring out what to do around the kitchen.  Taemin is pretty impressed that her learning curve was so steep (or more like she’s learning it like a miracle).

Secretly, Naeun has been practicing how to cook with two other A Pink members.  There is a home video of them learning to make kalbi jjim (braised ribs).  They are so adorable singing numerous SHINee songs while mimicking the dance moves.  Naeun seems to be unfazed for a few songs but joined in belting out the last song with butchered lyrics about the braised ribs.  It’s a pretty good investment on her part because her SHINee brother-in-laws are coming to visit and she’ll be able to dish out something decent.


They finally get the ribs into the steamer and breathed sighs of relief.  At least the preparation went on without a hitch.  Taemin expresses that he will rip out the mouths of his hyung if they say that the food tastes disgusting.  In the interview, Naeun complains that Taemin is so oblivious and doesn’t have any common sense in picking up why she seem to have this miraculous improvement in her cooking skills.  Taemin finds out about her secret cooking practice sessions when the interviewer tells him about it.  He is touched by her effort to learn how to cook him a good meal.

wgm174012 wgm174014

While they were still preparing side dishes and setting the table, the doorbell rings.  They both freeze for a second, then runs around frantically while trying to complete the finishing touches on the meal.  Taemin stalls the SHINee members for a bit by saying he is coming or he’s in the washroom but the pounding on the door gets louder and more rapid.  Minho calls out “LEE TAEMIN!” ferociously.  They finally make it to their main door but they hear Minho’s voice that seems to come from within their house.  Minho and Key walks in through the balcony door that was unlocked and it scared the living daylight out of Naeun who has wrapped her hair around her face.

wgm174018 wgm174021

Their entrance is so scary and it seems to be a sign of worse things to come.  Naeun is hiding in the corner, I imagine feeling both shocked and embarrassed, while the loud pair comes in with impact.  Minho sees Taemin and starts to tackle him while saying “our Taemin is married!”  Oh, poor Taemin.  He’s the baby of the SHINee group.  He’s so getting it today.  These to are the worst pairing, if you see it from Taemin’s point of view, because he’s mentioned that Minho is the meanest when teasing while we know from the previous Jinwoon ♡ Junhee episodes that Key is a riot.


Comes time for formal introduction and Naeun is so out of her comfort zone that she doesn’t even know where to place herself.  Taemin tries to introduce his wifey but stutters so badly.  Minho keeps bursting into giggles while listening to Taemin.  Key asks for a do-over of the introduction asking Taemin to stop stammering.  He does it in one fluid-ish sentence the second time.


It is not the first time meeting Naeun for both Minho and Key because they have worked with her on a sitcom some time ago.  Ohemgee, all the more awkward.  Imagine it:  hello, nice to meet you again as your sister-in-law.  Eep.  Key recalls the sitcom as one where he appeared on screen for 2 seconds as a cameo.


They take a seat and start sorting out what to call each other.  Minho and Key calls Naeun jesusshi (sister-in-law, wife of a younger brother) while Naeun will call other Shinee members ajubeonim (older brother-in-law).  It makes Minho and Key sound like middle age men by calling them ajubeonim.  Key demands to be plainly addressed as oppa but was denied because Naeun calls Taemin oppa.  They finally agree on ajubeonim.


The nosy(?) brothers start looking around the house, making fun of the hats that they bought at Myungdong and admiring the sticker photo they took.  Minho just exclaims “This is the kind of things you do?”  LOL.  What else would they do?  He starts pointing and teasing the couple.


Taemin and Naeun show off their bedroom upstairs and the first thing Key says: “is this the bed?”  Yep.  Agreed.  That is one puny bed.  It even looks to small for one person.  The teasing duo lie down on the bed while Minho says that the size of the bed will bring about natural skinship.  Or elbowing someone in the eye…  Minho puts his hand around Key to demonstrate.  Naeun takes a few steps back.  Ha.


Key notices that Taemin and Naeun are standing apart from each other so he nags Taemin to stand beside his wifey.


Minho gives Key a mischievous look and tells Taemin and Naeun to stay in the room for a bit while the two hyungs make their way downstairs.  Minho and Key walks out of the room and closes the door behind them as Key does an evil laugh.


The moment the door closes, Naeun laughs a little awkwardly but also with relief.  Taemin wonders what they should do as he is completely frozen when facing his naughty hyungs.  Taemin asks what Naeun thinks about Minho and Key while the two boys are standing outside their door, leaning in to listen to the conversation that they are having inside.  Naeun says they are scary and Taemin agrees by saying those two come across a little strong.


Minho overhears this and busts open the door.  Naeun jumped in her seat from the shock.  She was about to grab Taemin’s hand but was interrupted.  Nice timing, Minho.  Key follows and they start questioning her as to why she thinks they are scary.  There they are, standing side by side demonstrating the pure essence of scariness.  Taemin says that they are both older and can come off a little scary.  They decide that it’s time for dinner.


The food looks good!  Minho didn’t forget to thank the hosts for preparing a good meal.  Appearance-wise, it’s passed the test.  Key takes the first bite… chew, chew, chew… *stare*… “yummm~~~!  jja (salty)!”    Taemin, of course, doesn’t taste the problem.  Minho takes his first bite and complains that the meat is undercooked.  Taemin suggests that he’s probably chewing on the tendon but Minho insists that it’s raw and it’s like chewing gum.  Trying to comfort Minho, Taemin tells him to not worry and he will not die from eating it.  (Mushroom: Salmonella…?  Heh.)  It wasn’t perfect but it is not a bad first try and the boys are impressed with the dish considering that it’s one of Naeun’s first dishes.


They try out the egg roll (rolled up omelet) next… the vegetables are raw!  I think Taemin is tasting love in his food so he thinks everything tastes good.

Taemin tries to trick Minho into eating salty kimchi that he and Naeun rolled up earlier as a revenge to whoever is meaner.  Minho sensed it immediately and tells Taemin to quit acting.  Taemin still insists that he isn’t trying to trick Minho, and ends up eating the saltiest part of the kimchi to prove his point.

The SHINee brothers who were complaining about the food earlier ate huge amounts of kalbijjim.

wgm174060Taemin boasts that he and Naeun have similar personalities and habits.  Key agrees and adds that not many people laugh at Taemin’s jokes.  He’s amazed that Naeun does.  Key thinks Naeun is not in her right mind…  Taemin then asks if they have seen her cutting up a watermelon.  Minho says that he hasn’t seen it on the show but Taemin replies that it’s not on WGM, rather, on another show long time ago.  Minho goes into bullying mode.  Muahaha… He wonders if Taemin has seen all of the shows Naeun have been on.



“You’ve searched Son Naeun to see what was she up to in the past and her old performances.  Did you or did you not???”  Love the editing.  Minho’s head is magnified while Taemin gets smaller and smaller.  He perhaps felt that way too.  He admits to it in a small voice.

wgm174070Key tells Taemin to quickly hand over his cell phone.  It’s cute how Taemin hands over the phone without thinking twice what Key wanted it for.  Key takes it and laughs, calling the phone dirty and disgusting.  Minho and Key are having too much fun.


During the preliminary interview for WGM, Taemin chose Naeun as his ideal type.  Minho somehow knows that Naeun did not pick Taemin as her first choice.  He knows that it is another member of SHINee.  It is a shock to both Taemin and Key as they are wondering if it is true.  Naeun tries to get out of the situation by saying that she forgot who she picked.  Taemin just turns redder and redder while Minho is having a ball.  She tries to explain that she picked that person based on their stage presence.  Minho closes Taemin’s ears and tells him to close his eyes.  They are definitely curious, but doesn’t want Taemin to hear it.  Minho tells Naeun to mouth the name of the SHINee member.  She hesitates for a while but mouths…


JONGHYUN!  Eep.  She should know better that there is no way that Key would keep it a secret from Taemin.  Key just blurts out Jonghyun.  Taemin starts having a mental breakdown and looks spaced out.  Trying to resolve the situation, Key tells them that Taemin and Naeun look good together.


Minho spots some fruits in the refrigerator and requests that Taemin cuts them some fruit.  He refuses, telling him to give him a break.  The poor boy just had severe mental breakdown so let him be. LOL.

It’s time for the Korean standard test that every daughter-in-law have to excel in: cutting fruit for the elders.  It is always framed in a way that it almost doesn’t matter if you’re earning a million dollars a month. the most important task a daughter-in-law has to do well is to CUT FRUIT.  Naeun starts cutting nervously while stealing glances at Key.  He’s just watching her knife skills like a hawk.  Key asks her if she’s trying to carve a statue like the one on the piano with that melon.  Bwahaha!  He tells her to hand over the melon and gives her some pointers.


He tells her not to steal glances as she did earlier, rather carry on with the flow of conversation while cutting fruit.  He tells her to maintain eye contact as much as possible and give good reaction to what mother-in-law is saying.  I think Key watches too much Korean soaps.  But then it probably works out well if she sticks to his pointers.  On the other side, Minho is peeling the melon easily with a fruit peeler.  I will give any friend of mine that marries a Korean an expensive and good quality peeler as a wedding gift.  It’s sure to get them out of trouble.  The funny thing is, the caption on the screen says that it’s ‘new innovation’ of cutting fruit.  OMG.


Key tells Naeun to learn how to peel and cut fruit well because Taemin is helpless at it.  Naeun wonders if Taemin usually cut fruits or cleans.  The hyungs say: Never.  She tells that he cut fruit and cleaned earlier.  Key and Minho are shocked.  Minho has his eyes wide open and it looks like his eyes are going to fall out of his head anytime.  Minho tells Tamin to cut the act of being a caring husband and act like what he normally is.  “Later you will end up giving foot massages”, Key said, referring to Alex ♡ ShinAe couple from earlier seasons.  (It was, what, 5 years ago?  OMG. It just hit me that I’ve been watching WGM on and off for 4 years now.  This face: O_O )


Taemin tries to explain that he’s doing all the things he envision if he has a girlfriend but he stumbles through his sentences.  Key laughs out loud and makes fun of Taemin wondering when it was that he started to be so bad with words.


They ask Taemin what his favourite date so far and he said the bungee jump that they did together was quite fun.  Minho: “Did you jumped off together while hugging each other?  You should have hugged.”  Taemin tries to say something about it but couldn’t and Minho just exploded with annoyance.  LOL.  I think Key and Minho broke Taemin.

wgm174093Minho then starts reenacting Taemin’s reaction while watching the broadcast of WGM.  He tattles that Taemin was rolling on the ground a lot while watching it.  I think I would if I were him.  Sometimes editing makes the show and it can be really embarrassing because background music, sound effects and captions can exaggerate situations.

wgm174095Minho then starts complaining about the first episode where Taemin approaches from behind, bends down and tries to take a peek at Naeun.  He’s complaining but I thought that was a pretty good scene from a viewer’s point of view.  Overused as a trailer too.  Haha!  wgm174096 More of the SHINee mean boys in the next episode.  Can’t wait!


One thought on “Taemin ♡ Naeun – We Got Married Episode 174

  1. Wow, this couple is so boring. They won’t be on for long, will they?
    WGM should’ve done Key. He’s hilarious! And he would’ve been an awesome Kwanghee-follow-up. But with someone interesting too, like Nana from AfterSchool.

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