Pretty Little Liars Episode 402: Turn of the Shoe (Spoilers)


Well, I should know by now by officially finishing up Seasons 1-2 straight (when I was sick with a terrible flu) that there’s no point in trying to figure out things from past episodes because it’ll get even more complicated. This week’s episode didn’t talk about the little girls with the creepy dolls (which I was really hoping they’d show more of). In fact, they made it even more complicated (how is that even possible!) D:

Let’s get on with this week’s highlights:

1. Hanna’s mom’s shoes in dishwasher


Well ain’t that a little shocker for our dear innocent little Hanna… she found her mom’s beloved silk heels in the back of the dishwasher (gross place to put it but whatever floats your boat eh (so sue me, I’m Canadian XD))? If this doesn’t add suspense to the series I don’t know what does. Of course, nobody wants to think our parents are capable of anything as evil as being a cold blooded killer (even though sometimes they piss us off), but when something as revealing as a crime scene evidence shows up in your house and it belongs to your mom, what is a girl to think?

I think Hanna is doing a good job in keeping cool and trying to hide the evidence that she’s found. She probably wants to keep it in to herself first and see what else comes up ion the next few days (which is a good thing. It’s never good to be harsh with sensitive evidence such as this regarding a murder case).

Not sure if this is the work of “A” or if it’s really the truth. We shall find out next week.

2.  Aria taking martial arts classes


My, my. I knew that it was quite a steamy martial arts class (private also, too boot!) between Aria’s sexy new teacher Jake and herself. However, to be honest, I thought it was going to be Jake to make the first move since he keeps making eye contact and pausing extra long whenever he stops to make an explanation but I was wrong. She later explains to Spencer that she misses Ezra (she likes older men, eh?), but then Jake comes by her place later that night and says that it might be awkward for a teacher-student relationship, which Aria is very well experienced with.

We know that boys spazz out on the inside but look cool and collected on the outside. Do you think that Jake was freaking out when Aria kissed him? What a daring, daring move!

3. Singing bird


Oh how annoyed does Spencer look while playing babysitter for Tippy (Alison’s pet parrot). The girls try to figure out what the parrot is singing and leave it to Spencer to crack the code. It’s a PHONE NUMBER! Who would’ve guessed? Spencer and the girls seem to have even figured out what number it is (they don’t know who it belongs to) and seems to be calling the number but the person on the other side doesn’t seem to be picking up. I wonder who the number belongs to? When the girls go back up to record the bird singing, the bird’s cage is open and so is the window to the room. Of course, Tippy is gone when they need it the most.

Could “A” be the one that stole Tippy? I would think so.

Other parts of the episode included Mona getting attacked by some creepy masked figure in the car, Emily drugging herself because of her shoulder pain and then ending up going to the hospital for overdosage (?). It’s all a big blur but count on the directors of Pretty Little Liars to make it this intense already on the second episode. Oh and by the way, they renewed it for Season 5! #saywut! OK, Littlesheepy. Hashtagging on facebook is OK. Hashtagging on your own blogpost? Not cool! XD

Let’s stay tuned for next week!


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