Get The Look: Pretty Little Liars (Spencer Hastings)

I’ve jumped onto Mushroom’s turf and am going to do a Get The Look post on Saturday afternoons for the previously aired episode of Pretty Little Liars! This week’s Get The Look Pretty Little Liars will be based on Spencer Hastings on the season premier on June 11, 2013.

I like Hanna for her forgiving personality, but DAMN girl, I like Spencer for her awesome style. She’s the girl you’d love to hate: grades that’s Harvard-worthy, beautiful long hair, the boys, and the wardrobe.


spencer hastings 1
L: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fitted Colour Blocked Tee ($176.40) VS R: Forever 21 Neon Striped Nautical Tee ($11.80)

Who else loved her fitted colour blocked tee in the first episode on Tuesday? I know I did! It actually kind of distracted me as I was trying to figure out where it came from and oh my when I found out how much it was I immediately started looking for something of the same type of fit. That’s a thing when you’re trying to replicate a character’s image: you don’t have to buy the EXACT outfit, just things that have the same “feel”.

spencer hastings 2L: Marc by Marc Jacobs Molly Skirt ($105.84) VS R: Club Monaco Vana Skirt ($99 on sale from $149.50)

The trick with pairing patterns together is to find a similar colour family. The skirt that Spencer was wearing is a little bit shorter than knee-length so you can always drop it off at the seamstress store and have them hem a few inches from the knee.

I love how Spencer (OK, in real life I know the actress has a team of stylists lol) has this effortless feel to dressing comfy-chic. Who do you seek outfit inspiration from on the show? 🙂


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