Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 170


After visiting their high school, they head out to a place which Taemin only identifies as “MD”.  They take bus number 143 to their destination and occupying the last row of seats on the bus.  Kudos to the camera team for installing all those cameras in a short amount of time.  They have a little chat on the bus talking about the activities they would participate in after school.  As kids, both Taemin and Naeun go to the playground after school.  Taemin declares himself to be the master of the playground.  The conversation diverted to an odd topic where Taemin explains how there was an 800-year old gingko tree just right outside his window of the house he used to live in.  They both found a new common love: gingko nuts.  To them, it is delicious though Taemin has heard from some people that it tastes like boogers.  Eew…  No, gingko nuts taste yummo!  Boogers can never taste that good… Yuck.


Naeun guesses the destination correctly: Myung Dong.   Taemin’s dream is to be able to enjoy strolling the streets with his girlfriend while showing her off, hence the Myung Dong date with Naeun.  This coming from the guy whose group member got caught dating an actress in the back alleys during night time three years ago.  Oh gosh, how time flies.  Still whenever I see Shin Se Kyung I think about Shinee’s Jonghyun.


They arrive at their stop and they get off the bus with Taemin fussing over Naeun to be careful while getting off.  He then says that he’s learnt from his Shinee hyungs that a girl should walk on the inside of the sidewalk, away from the traffic.  Sounds like Mama Mushroom, except she applies it on little children.  Taemin tells her that it’s fascinating that he can walk out on the streets with her.  He gets excited and does a little dance when he hears some music.  Naeun is embarrassed for him.  The crowds start to build when they notice Taemin and Naeun.  Out comes all the iPhones and Galaxy series phones to capture their every move.  Social media and news reports exploded with pictures of the two.


They are obviously trying hard to ignore the crowd and doing what couples on dates do.  They try on matching sunglasses, sip some bubble tea and savour egg breads.  Naeun spots something in the front of a store… it’s Minho!  A cardboard cut-out of him, of course.  Taemin, your hyung is watching you.  No shenanigans, please.  Taemin tells Naeun that he doesn’t have any clue who the cut-out guy at the store front is, and that guy sucks.  That’s revenge for Minho who was teasing Taemin about the WGM broadcast.


Taemin spots a stand selling baseball caps and he moves towards it.  He suggests that they pick out matching caps and wear them.  The cap he picks out for Naeun has the word pye in (nerd) on it, while Naeun picks out one that says chakan namja (kind man) for Taemin.  I am reminded of Song Joong Ki’s drama all of a sudden.  Nice choice, girl.  Make him look bad for bullying you into wearing the nerd cap.

wgm170068 wgm170069

The crowd grows bigger and takes the fun out of the street date.  Bystanders were making nasty comments about Naeun.  Taemin wishes that she didn’t hear it and no more street dates from this day forward.  If Naeun insists on going somewhere with a big crowd, Taemin will make sure that they bring earphones.  Naeun says that she was so out of it at that point so she didn’t hear those bad remarks.  I think she just doesn’t want Taemin to feel sorry about picking the location of their date.

wgm170077 wgm170075

Taemin spots a store that sells socks.  I wish they sold those kinds of socks here.  He spots the socks with his own caricature on it, along with other Shinee members.  His caricature was too pretty and they both this that it looks like a girl.  He buys the socks for Naeun and she promises to wear them next time they meet.  She picks a pair of socks for Taemin that looks like a couple kissing.  I guess A Pink have not been made into socks yet!


They walk into a store that sells phone cases and decided to buy matching cases.  They picked out the case that was the shape of a polka dotted bow.  Oh my.  Embarrassing as is, double the embarrassment when used as a pair.  The power of love?  Naeun thinks he’s spending too much of his pocket money today but Taemin says that he’s been saving up money for 5 years just for this moment.  A summary of their matching items: couple hats, couple phone cases, similar rings and couple socks.  They need to get couple hoodies next time.  One that says “I’m with dumb” and the other “I’m with dumber”.  Heh.  Taemin used to hate this kind of matching stuff because he was single and probably a little jealous of others who have someone special.

wgm170082 wgm170084

When asked in the interview, Taemin says that he will not typically pick out a phone case like this one.  It’s soft and in a shape of a bow!  He predicts that he is going to get taunted by the rest of the Shinee members.  He’s having fun with doing all these silly things.  Naeun also says that the phone case is not her style.  Oops.  But she’s obviously having fun just doing things that a typical couple would do.  She thinks that getting married has made her more childish.

wgm170089 wgm170090

Sticker photo time!  They put on crazy wigs, glasses and headbands.  Looking like clowns, they take a few funny pictures.  When they have done enough of that, they decide to take of all the accessories for more normal looking photos.  Taemin ceased the opportunity of putting his arm around Naeun’s shoulders for the picture.  He’s so going to get brownie point from his hyungs.


The sticker photos turn out well and they have fun cutting them out into squares.  Ah… memories.  The scissors are attached to chains that are connected to the table.  Interrogator Taemin kicks in again, asking if she has taken sticker photos with guys before.  She says that she has an album for them and all the photos are of her and her girlfriends.  Taemin playfully says “me too”.


He somehow manages to cut a photo of the both of them in half.  Naeun wonders if deep inside he felt like severing their relationship.  If this is a scenario in a Korean drama, something bad is going to happen to the couple in the photo.  Ha.  Oddly, the other half of the photo has disappeared.  Magic Hands Taemin has made an appearance again.


Taemin asks if Naeun has a habit of taking selfies.  He’s searched her on the internet and have seen her selfie that she took in the practice room.  He shyly admits to have searched her online and asks her if she searched his name.  She denies it quietly.  In the interview, Taemin believes that she’s searched him online but she’s unwilling to admit it.  He’s right!  He starts to think about the different things that she might see when she searches his name.  I bet the picture of him cross dressing will be one of the popular ones.  He’s pretty as a girl.  Naeun has paid attention to the related search terms to Taemin’s name but she says “but what can I do?  We’re already married.”  You go girl.


Dinner time!  They order jjajang ddokbokki (black bean paste rice cakes) and she tries to say that it looks a lot like jjapagetti.  He starts singing a song that starts with “jja jja jja…” and she bursts out laughing.  Danny Ahn and Misun who are in the studio doesn’t look too impressed with it.  Taemin says that he feels that he is very funny when he is around Naeun because she laughs a lot at his jokes and calles her the Angel of Fun.  He wonders if she usually laughs this much when she is with other people.  She innocently says yes, and it is a letdown.  She recovers by asking Taemin if she should stop laughing at other people’s jokes.  Taemin nearly chokes on his water.  She’s throwing him off his game from time to time and it’s an improvement.  I hope she opens up a bit more on the show and throw more playful remarks.  He says laughing at other people’s jokes is fine, but he’d like to be the reason behind the laughter.  “Then I’ll just laugh at other places.”  Silence…  “Don’t laugh too brightly in front of other people~”.


The revival of Interrogator Taemin: “tell me about your first love (crush)”.  He wonders about the personality of the guy she likes.  She says that her first crush has a terrible personality.  She admits that bad boys are charming.  Uh-oh.  She just pick out the ‘nice guy’ cap for him.  Despite finding bad boys charming, Naeun thinks the man for her should be a nice guy.  He asks who her man is and everything just became A.W.K.W.A.R.D.  They both decide to eat up to avoid the question.  This is when I’m glad that they did not pair Taemin with a noona.  More fun to see him play around with dongsaeng.


Taemin is very straight forward in saying that he thinks about her a lot during the days they are not filming.  He asks her if she’s thought about him on those days and she starts fidgeting.  She admits she does.  “How much?”  Oh, Taemin.  You never give up do you?  “You must have missed me.”  Naeun says that if he continues to look at her she’s only going to become more embarrassed.  More fidgeting…

See more next episode!


3 thoughts on “Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 170

  1. I don’t like either of these two. I just can’t get into this. Couldn’t the PD have found a funny, cute couple? These two are really tedious.

    Btw, I found old WGMs with Kangin and Yoonji and they were hilarious! Plus, I liked the concept of them being a student couple and having to manage on a limited income. Perhaps if they’d done something similar with these two, I’d have found them more interesting. Instead, it just seems like Korea’s equivalent of 90210 kids having fun.

    • KangYoon was pretty funny but didn’t last too long. In the previous season the couples were given a “handicap”.
      KangYoon: good looking couple but poor
      JoongBo: rich but the wife was a lot older
      Pudding couple: the husband is a crazy comedian, no problem in terms of $…
      Can’t remember the rest. It’ll be more fun if they kept up with that concept!

      • They need to go back to the handicap. It’s all too perfectly matched right now.
        I love that scene where Kangin is calling Heechul for pizza, btw. And he calls Yoonji wifey, which is too cute.

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