Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 169


It is Taemin and Naeun’s second meeting as a couple and Taemin is late, late, late!  Uh-oh.  A big no-no to keep a girl waiting!  He is tied up at the live broadcast of some music show.  It’s got to be one of the four main ones.  A little off topic, but Shinee’s comeback song, Dream Girl, is pretty catchy and their choreography with the mic stands is fun to watch.  Naeun is waiting for Taemin at a beautiful café.  If I were a celeb, I would totally jump at the chance of doing WGM just because I’ll get to go to the cutest cafés, restaurants and fantastic “honeymoon” destinations.  This is their second meeting as an “item” so Naeun is still pretty nervous about meeting Taemin.  She’s worried that there might be some awkward moments between them.  While Naeun was in deep thought (or acting like she is), Taemin arrives and snorts when he comes close to her.  It breaks the silence and kills a bit of the awkwardness because Naeun giggles at the snort.


Taemin comes off confident and asks how she’s been in banmal, which she hesitated in answering back because she seems to still be uncomfortable with the speech level.  She stuck to formal speech the first time then tries to drop her speech level the second time around.  Taemin asks if she’s seen the first broadcast of WGM.  The other members of Shinee had a good time laughing and teasing him (mercilessly, I assume) about the first episode.  They were making fun of his thick sausage-like lips during the footage when he was driving.  Minho is the meanest one at teasing.  I can’t wait until the Shinee members meet this couple.  They have both also read the comments from the netizens about their appearance on the show.  Naeun has seen all comments, good and bad.  The bad ones hurt a lot and Taemin wishes that she hasn’t seen some of the nasty remarks.

wgm169006 wgm169011

Naeun excuses herself to go to the washroom and what seems to be an eternity later, turns up in her school uniform.  She asks him to guess what she’s trying to accomplish.  He guesses correctly that they will be heading off to their high school.  They went to the same school but Taemin is a senior by one year.  She has prepared a set of boy’s school uniform and Taemin changes into them.  Turns out she got the sizing wrong as the sleeves and pants are a little too short.  The fit looks good otherwise.


They arrive at school and notices that it had undergone some major renovation.  Taemin points out the stone steps that he frequented and Naeun tells him that it is one of her usual spots as well.  (Reminds me of Blair and her minions on Gossip Girl).  Taemin wonders if they actually have hung out together before.  LOL.  Would you have forgotten?  More like, would she have forgotten?  Taemin was already a trainee at SM.  That’s bound to make him known around school.  He usually sleeps in class during breaks and didn’t make many friends because he was a transfer student.  Debuting as an artist at a young age made him miss out on all school trips and creating great memories of his school days.

wgm169017 wgm169018

They enter the school building and Naeun tells Taemin the exact spot where she was standing when she first saw him in school.  They re-enacted the situation at the time.  Her first impression, however, wasn’t all that great.  She remembers him as the guy with tanned skin and long hair.  “Just like Tarzan”, in Naeun’s own words but I figure it’s minus the Tarzan buff body.  *Grins*  She didn’t get to see his face because his hair was too long.


A teacher greets them at the office and invites them to sit down.  Taemin asks which class was he in third year of high school.  He couldn’t recall earlier when Naeun asked him about it.  They find out that both were students of class 2 in their third year of high school.  If this was ‘Beatles Code’ program, this is when everyone oohs and aahs with sound effects of wind blowing in the background.  Taemin and Naeun are surprised at the coincidence.


They visit their old classroom and pointed out where they used to sit.  Taemin and Naeun sits next to each other, the only difference is that everything happened one year apart.  (Now this part reminds me of ‘The Lake House’ where two people in love were living 2 years apart.  Other TV shows and movies seem to influence my writing today :S )  Naeun likes her seat because of the window but Taemin likes his because the few seats at the back of the class gives him lots of freedom to do whatever he likes.  Model student nominee, Naeun, wasn’t so pleased in hearing about the messing around.  Taemin says he cannot picture Naeun as the class monitor type, and neither could Naeun.  She’s not quite outspoken enough for a role like that.  Naeun stands up to imitate what a student council will do in class.  Ah… the Asian school tradition.  Attention!  Greet the teacher!  Gooooood moooorniiiiiing Mr. /Mrs. So-and-so!

Naeun wonders if Taemin was popular in school.  He ends up telling her about a story where he had a pretty looking fan who dressed up in their school uniform to see him.  After school, a teacher of his told him to be friendly to his fan.  Taemin ended up walking her home.  We start to see a bit of jealousy building within Naeun.  Heh.


They notice that the classroom motto was han woo gal bi (translated Korean beef ribs).  It’s obviously wordplay or simplification of a phrase.  Taemin’s best guess of the meaning is: han – With one heart, woo – together, gal – the path to take, bi – is a secret.  Pfft.  The path that we take together is a secret.  That’s not a good motto for an education institution!  The real meaning behind it, according to the caption, is “together we will soar”.  After ruining (?) the class motto, they move onto leave a message on the classroom blackboard.  They write their names on the board but Taemin hesitates to draw a heart in between their two names because it’s a little embarrassing.  Aww… how cute.  They leave encouraging messages for the students in the class.

wgm169031 wgm169029

Their time spent in school has gone through major editing as there are montages of clips at the end of this episode.  They look like adorable high school sweethearts.


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