PLL Episode 401: A is for Alive (Spoiler Alerts)


If you guys haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars Episode 401 yet, I would highly recommend you to watch it before you read my recap! Don’t want to give you any shockers that you may want to see on screen first!

The start of the Summer Premier episode kicks off right where Se3’s last episode ends when they open the trunk of Detective Wilden’s vehicle. We all know that from the ending of Season 3, Hanna’s mom hit him because he was trying to “harrass” her for more information, and I seriously thought that Hanna’s mom would be in there. But no, there is —-a PIG. What???! What’s that gotta do with everything? I was soo confused as to why that would happen and when you’re trying to figure things out, it turns out Detective Wilden is dead. Which is a true shocker, because I think the detective was doing a great job in pressuring the girls with what they know. But yes, he was a bit creepy.

There’s a few things I’d like to ask you guys…

1. The Creepy Little Girls

prettylittleliarsS4PIC1Who else was creeped out by how alike the girls looked to our precious bitches?

Little Aria is artistically dressed, little Spencer dressed in a preppy outfit, little Hanna with wild blonde hair, little Emily with her long black hair and tanned skin, and little Mona (think they could’ve dressed her better though). The bitches (+ Mona, now) were in the trailer looking up information on Mona’s laptop when they heard the little girls calling their names, but of course the girls were talking about the dolls themselves.

According to little Aria, their friend Alison gave them the dolls to play with. Is this some kind of foreshadowing for future episodes? What’s with the writers and creepy dolls, anyways! :S

2. Hanna and Mona: New BFFs?

Untitled prettylittleliarsS4PIC7

Hanna: Remember when my dad left? I did not want to get out of bed but you forced me to get out and hit every sale that summer in the mall. I miss shopping with you as a friend.
Mona: I have a French study group after school but I can cancel if you…. want to hit Macy’s?
Hanna: I don’t just want it, I NEED it!

Apparently Mona can’t get over the fact that Hanna wants to have anything to do with her after all she’s put her friends and even her through. If you remember, Mona was the one that ran over Hanna in the parking lot at Camp Mona (her birthday camp that Hanna wasn’t allowed to come) and eventually broke her legs. At the time the girls didn’t know it was Mona who was the mastermind of all these troubles yet, so they didn’t know who to blame. It’s only the end of Season 3 where it was revealed that Mona was one of many players in the “A team”. Hanna couldn’t understand this and went to visit her at the hospital for special needs children, and every time she visited Mona was unresponsive. Hanna tried her best to get through to her, and even brought magazines and talked about juicy gossip and of course the hot guys in school. Eventually Hanna lost it and threw chairs in her room and stormed out of there, giving up.

I’ve talked about my interpretation of the girls’ personality here, and I still think that Hanna is the one with the most forgiving heart out of all the girls (even though she has a stone-face bitchy look). Of course, Emily, who was there when Hanna picked up Mona’s call and agreed to help her, was totally against it and skeptical that she turned a new leaf.

I still don’t really know what to think about this new ally. Like what Hanna said, she needs to keep her friends close and her enemy closer. What do you guys think about it?

3. Spencer and Toby


“See this? It’s a fork. You use this to eat the breakfast your boyfriend made for you.” – Toby

Who else loves a man that cares enough about his girlfriend to do “housewife-y chores” and make meals for you?! Swoon! Of course, our Spencer is trying to solve the murder of creepy Detective Wilden and what else does A have against them. Toby made toast and coffee for her but she doesn’t notice. I really think that this is one relationship that may last til the end of the show. They’ve gone through so much already: in Season 1, Spencer was the one that gave him the benefit of the doubt and understood that some people are misunderstood and is given the wrong impression. In Season 3, Toby “dies” in the forest and Spencer tries to look for him until the point where she herself goes crazy and is found by a mountain hiker and ends up in the same hospital as Mona.

However, as Toby gets a snarky text from A, he hides it when Spencer tries to ask him what’s up. If the relationship is as great as they think, why do they need to hide things? Communication is the most important key in a successful relationship!

4. Aria and “Mr. Fitz” 

prettylittleliarsS4PIC5 prettylittleliarsS4PIC10Poor Aria. She’s caught in a relationship that can never be (teacher and student) and she knew that if people found out of their affair, things would go out of control. Under strict protocol from her principal and the school district, she is not allowed to be alone with Mr. Fitz in public and even if she’s seeing him in his condo, A will surely expose it to the world. Mr. Fitz, or Ezra, is torn between his newfound family that was revealed in the last season and his love for Aria. However, Aria is wiser than her years and knows that it shouldn’t be this hard to be in a relationship and eventually says that she wants to see other people.

I think in her heart she really does love him, but wants the best for him (as he just got a new job offer in their town). She eventually comes to her senses and tells him she wants to date other people after getting a daymare (lol is that a thing? a nightmare in her daydream haha) that Mr. Fitz was thrown into prison because they were sleeping together and the VP found out.

The two really does love each other but personally, I think things are too difficult and complicated. Mr. Fitz’s little brother is nice..? Aria and the brother (forget his name) DID kiss….. ;D

The other things that happened: digging in Wilden’s casket and pulling out a ringing phone…. etc, I’m just so confused lol. We’ll see what next Tuesday brings us. How are y’all enjoying the new season so far? Such suspense haha 🙂


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