Pretty Little Liars: Whos Excited?


Tomorrow’s the opening date for the newest season of Pretty Little Liars (S4)! I remember wanting something to watch when I was very sick in late January and watching all of Seasons 1-3. It was a pretty epic time of sickness, let me tell ya. I even remember getting scared to watch the third season alone and brought my boyfriend along for the merry ride.

From what I remember of the season finale of Season 3, Toby is alive and has joined the ‘A’ team, and to the girls, so has Spencer. But from my speculation, Spencer only joined the ‘A’ team because she wants to keep Toby safe and also her girlfriends. The girls of course think she’s betrayed them. It ended when Wilden opened the trunk of his car and they were shocked – the contents inside of it were not pretty. That’s when it ended and left us hanging.

What do you think is inside the trunk and why?

Are you guys excited for tomorrow? Let’s watch it together! 🙂


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