Movie Review: Oz the Great and the Powerful

Duration: 2 Hr 7 Mins
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Year: 2013

I just recently popped over to the boyfriend’s this week after work and settled in for a date night in this past week with Oz the Great and the Powerful. What do you get when the director of the Spiderman series and the producer of Alice in Wonderland working on the same movie? One that is action packed, full of laughs, all in a whimsical dreamlike setting.  It’s a little confusing in the beginning as it starts out in a black and white style movie and the content seems out of place, but as the movie plot continues, it will surely entertain you and maybe even pull a few heart strings!

Oscar is a small-town carnival magician who has high expectations of himself. He uses lies and illusions to deceit his audience and was put on the spot when a handicapped little girl wanted him to make her walk. The audience then chases Oscar out of the carnival in rage when they find out he’s a phony, and he escapes on a hot air balloon….only to find himself trapped in a tornado. He promises to change into a better man, and finds himself in the great land of Oz.

He first identifies himself as a Wizard, not knowing that the inhabitants of Oz have been waiting for a great man to come to save them from evilness. Fib after fib he lies his way through, hoping to get out of the mess he’s dug himself in after meeting three witches, Theodora, Evanora, and Glinda. Over time, Oscar admits that he is indeed not a great wizard but a conman to the good witch Glinda, but she has other plans and knows that he can change into a better person. He was given a mission to destroy the evil witch, but Oscar has to figure out which of the three witches are evil before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this movie and the comical traits of Oz the Great’s companion, Finley the monkey.

findleyOz the Great and Powerful: Now, go make your animal noises to distract the evil witch and I’ll grab the wand.
Finley: Ok. Moooooooooooo. Moooooooooooooo. Moooooooo!

Can a fake, deceiving conman artist perform the greatest trick of all and turn himself into a good man? Or will he disappoint the good people of Oz and run away when he has the chance?


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