Littlesheepy’s BACK! May visitors, dodgeball, Game of Thrones

OMG, can it be true? Can Littlesheepy be back to blogging?! 

Hi guys! I’m soo sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. To be honest I can’t even remember the last time I blogged without cheating! The month of May has been a whirlwind of activities ranging from family friends visiting for a month, being involved in a new sport, and camp retreat! It was quite fun, but now it’s time to settle back down into taking care of Les Cordonniers :’)


May came and gone in a blink of an eye. It was actually quite busy as we had about 6-7 out of town visitors from my motherland visit, which resulted in me playing tourist guide. Of course, visitors from your homeland means lots of good food! We had a lot of spicy food (which I am proud to say, I am starting to enjoy!), and lot of laughs. They’ve been quite the traveler recently and will be coming back after their few weeks in eastern America, which means MORE food! 😀

Recently my boyfriend’s company joined the Summer Games in our city. One of the many games that he’s involved in is dodgeball, and their team didn’t have enough girls so I had to jump in. The last time I played legit dodgeball was in elementary school and LET ME TELL YOU, I was so NOT PREPARED for how intense and competitive it was. It was a 7-on-7 and there had to be at least 2 girls on each team. Because of our female shortage I had to play all 4 hours of dodgeball and more often than not I found myself to be the last one standing on my team! Imagine you against 5 other players, and they all had hunger in their eyes! I swear, I think I screamed way more than I normally did in public that day lol. Also, since the opposing team was already running high on adrenaline they were afraid to hurt me (the higher tier teams have no mercy when it comes to smashes) lol. But all in all it was for good fun and we came in 6th place overall. Not bad for someone who last played in more than a decade!

For anyone that watched June 2’s episode of the Game of Thrones, how did you guys react while you watched through the whole episode? My boyfriend and his brother was screaming their asses off but I was just sitting there with my eyes wide as a deer stuck in a red light and my jaw to the floor. It was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve got to applaud on the CG and acting skills though, it really takes a lot of talent to create quite an online stir of emotions. 

One can only imagine the devastation of the aftermath of The Red Wedding on this week’s episode. But I think I cried more when Darryl Dixon had to kill his own brother on The Walking Dead. Oh, why do TV shows wretch your heart so! 


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