Instagram Parody: Do We Have a Life Outside of Social Media?

This is a hilarious video I saw on my Facebook feed.  It’s awesome and spot on!  I think it doesn’t only apply to Instagram, but also Facebook and Twitter.  Especially the selfies.  And the food addiction.  And the newborns.  And the cats.  Basically everything.  Even I am a culprit for some of the accusations in the video above 😉 Even now. I’m typing out a blog post here!  Anyway, maybe it’s time to consider if we have a life outside of social media.

Did you nod and smile to the old lady who just walked onto the bus and offer her your seat?  Or did you have your head buried in your phone?

Did you tell your loved ones how your day was?  Or did you update your Facebook status to include interesting events of the day?

Did you have a conversation at the dinner table while waiting for your food?  Or were you busy playing Angry Birds on your smartphone?

Did you meet your friend today?  Or did you decide that it’s too much trouble to paint your face to go out and stuck to Skype instead?

I love technology so I won’t say “do the former, but not the latter.”  I say do both. We’re not generation X or generation Y.  We’re generation multitaskers.

Have a great day!


One thought on “Instagram Parody: Do We Have a Life Outside of Social Media?

  1. Honestly, what does it mean to have a life anyway? Isn’t it really about being fulfilled and productive whatever you’re doing? 🙂

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