Hilarie Burton on Grey’s Anatomy


Hilarie Burton is on Grey’s Anatomy! I was watching her for a long time and kept thinking that she looks awfully familiar. Then she does this over-the-shoulder look and I sit there thinking to myself, “Ohemgee, Peyton from One Tree Hill is on Grey’s Anatomy!” Yeah, when I see her I don’t think Hilarie Burton, I think Peyton Sawyer. She was the one that I kept hoping ends up with Chad Michael Murray’s character. Apparently they did toward the end, but the show was losing steam and I stopped watching the last few seasons.

Anyway, I’m glad to see her again on a show that I watch regularly. These days at least. I totally skipped out on Grey’s Anatomy after George died and came back to watch the show when Meredith and McDreamy got married. Not too thrilled about Hilarie’s character on the show though. She plays this awesome Plastics doc who has the hots for Arizona. They hook up (I fast forwarded, can’t watch it) which basically means that Arizona cheated on Torrez! Jaw drop. Will they keep her around for a while? Now that McSteamy is dead and Avery is running the hospital, they totally have an open position for a plastics doc.

The season finale came and gone so it means that I go into a TV series drought for the summer. Maybe time to catch up on those episodes and seasons I missed!

Picture credits: fanpop.com


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