Restaurant Review: The Kitchen


My girlfriends and I head to The Kitchen for lunch. I ordered a Soondooboo-jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew) with seafood and a spicy broth. Spicy isn’t very spicy at all, perhaps if you like your chillies you may want to tell them to amp it up. There was a lot of tofu in the soup, which I liked, and lots of tiny seafood. It seems like it came from the frozen seafood marinara mix but the squid tasted fresh and there was a lone mussel with shell on. The broth became cold too quickly because the stone bowl was not heated. Food tasted homemade and broth tasted MSG-free which is yay for me but neigh for many. The broccoli and bok choy floating in the soup looks a little awkward and out of place but I’m glad about getting the veggies. I think the vegetable you’re supposed to find in a stew like this is spring onion.

The restaurant provided a Chinese soup spoon which I started using. I was using it for a while but keep finding something feels really off then I noticed the long Korean spoon that was placed on the table. Derp. The reason it felt off was because my wrist kept touching the stone bowl which I know should not happen. Thank goodness the stone bowl was not burning hot! In my opinion, I think they could leave out the Chinese soup spoon.

Side dishes includes potatoes, black bean, fried fish cakes, kakddugi kimchi (radish kimchi) and kimchi. The potatoes could be softer, the black beans tasted good but I found it a little too hard, fish cakes were fantastic, radish kimchi is good but not great and I’ve had better kimchi.

We did not have tea! They served us hot water or extremely watered down hot tea. Can’t tell which because there is a faint scent of barley tea.

The service was good. It is a family run restaurant and our server was friendly. The decor is nice and clean. It is a small restaurant and you may miss it when you’re trying to look for it. Customers were mostly Koreans or Chinese. It is probably a good sign that Koreans are coming for the food. Maybe it’s a sign that it is authentic Korean food!

Click the images below for the (sloppily photographed) menu!



The Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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