Tech Talk: Stickyboard 2

Found my new love!  It’s called Stickyboard2.  I love my sticky notes but I’m cheap with them.  I only use them when it’s absolutely necessary, buys them only when they are on sale and grab a bunch of them when people are giving them out free.  I get irritated when the sticky part is not sticky enough and the sticky note falls off.  This app has all the sticky notes that you can stick all over a board.  Best part is that the sticky notes do not fall off no matter how hard you shake your smartphone or tablet.

The white area you see on the screen is the board.  In the top right hand corner there are three choices: an eraser, a pen and a button for sticky notes.  You can draw on the board with your pen and erase any mistakes you’ve made.  The sticky notes button lets you choose the colour of the sticky note and font size.

Just a sample of what you can do with a pen and some sticky notes.  If you’re using it for your studies, you  can always save your board as a PDF document or in text format.  You can alway create more than one board. Tap on “Gallery” to add, view, manage and rename boards.

What are you waiting for?  Download it today!

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