Restaurant Review: Penang Delight Cafe

The boyfriend and I couldn’t decide what to eat recently. I thought I’d have my boyfriend taste a bit of my cultural background (even though I am 100% white washed lol) and bring him to Penang Delight Cafe for some spicy food. It’s closeby, on a convenient street, and has street parking. Thse are the only pluses.

Okay I lied. I was having a craving for Hainanese Chicken Rice. I appreciated that it was boneless and the soy sauce wasn’t very salty. I had to wait a little for my rice which was a bit strange.



The boyfriend ordered their Nasi Lemak Rendang Beef which he waited 20-30 MINUTES for it!


There is no reason why you have to wait that long for your meal when its mainly just fillers (cucumber, a single slice of hard boil egg, peanuts, anchovy, and some sauce). I was almost finished with my chicken rice and even though I was hungry, I gave some to my poor boyfriend because his dish took FOREVER TO COME. I am a very patient girl and I was actually starting to feel frustrated that it took so long for his dish to arrive. When it finally arrived, he was happy about the meal altogether but did not eat most of the fillers.

I treated the boyfriend to a Penang/Malaysian specialty, chendol, which also took forever. The waitress asked if I wanted it now or with the meal but I don’t think it mattered either way because even when I said I wanted it now, it still came with the meal.


I expected MORE from a drink that costed 5 bucks. It was so tiny that we felt kind of embarrassed for them. Think kid-sized pop at McDonald’s – it was smaller than the cup of tea that they provide you with the meal! There was so much ice, red bean, and jelly but no room to mix it and enjoy the full taste of chendol. Definitely not worth the 5 bucks. Honestly speaking I’d rather spend money on an airplane ticket to go back home for the real deal.

I think they pay more attention to the bigger tables, with that being said, I saw the other families that were eating at the restaurant attended to more than us couples. The main waitress gave me a sour look each time I inquired about the chendol and my boyfriend’s meal. They also add $1 to every dish during dinner hours. Uhm. I thought that was what tips were for – quite a sneaky way to grab more cash from your customers.

I hate giving bad reviews especially because this represents the food of my culture, but I was very disappointed and will not be returning again.



Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食 on Urbanspoon


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