Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 168


“Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! I’m late! I’m late!” as the White Rabbit said. This recap is two weeks too late. But at least it’s finally here? So we’ll dive straight into the episode! Taemin and Naeun don’t get to go parasailing because the winds and waves are working against them. Instead, they go jet boating.


Taemin who seemed to be the daredevil turn out to be the wuss between the two. Relatively. Naeun sure have a huge appetite for speed and extreme sports. I would have lost my appetite for the whole day if I need to go on that ride. Wait a minute, I think I’ve just found a great diet plan.  They head on out to the boat and Naeun looks so much calmer than Taemin.  While getting into the boat, Taemin holds Naeun’s hand to help her balance.  Taemin has this blank look on his face, trying to hide is fear.wgm168113

The two poor things on the boat aren’t looking too pretty. Water is getting everywhere, drenching them and washing out hair that was perfectly set in place. Maybe waterproof hairspray should be the next innovation? Taemin shields himself from the splashing water with his raincoat and it was meet with jeers from the emcees because he wasn’t gentlemanly enough for not shielding Naeun from the water. He recovers the second time, shielding Naeun from the next major splash. Are any of you wondering what is going on behind that raincoat?


Taemin screams out to onlookers “WE GOT MARRIEEEEED!” which is absolutely cringe-worthy.  He notices that Naeun’s hair is plastered onto her face because of the wind and splashing water.  He gently fixes her hair.


Naeun suggested they stand up while the boat is moving.  Taemin’s expression darkens from the fear.  LOL.  In the interview he said that he felt like he could not remain standing for more than 10 seconds.  His pride is hurt because she’s a greater daredevil than she is.  Misun (the emcee) says that Naeun should have acted scared in front of Taemin.  Her lack of dating experience is showing.


The scenery looks absolutely gorgeous. I need to go to Jeju Island some day.  Doesn’t that view remind you of the ending scene of the drama “Lie to Me” when they did the awfully cliché but lovely running toward each other from opposite directions and ending up in each others’ arms?


By the end of the ride they both looked like wet rag dolls. Mental note to self: no extreme sports on first date. Too much of a risk having mascara streaking down face.


They are about to get off the boat but Naeun is wearing a short skirt and might have her underwear showing. Taemin covers her up with his jacket from behind so that there are no pics of Naeun’s undies in the newspaper the next day. Emcees sing praises about how gentlemanly Taemin is.


They both clean up and probably had another session of hair and makeup to look put together again.  Shinee’s stylist will never be on my good side.  They head out to dinner and barbequed meat is on the menu.  They are provided with a platter of beef and seafood to grill on the barbeque.  Taemin tosses the meat on the grill while Naeun watches on.


Naeun figured that the lobster is alive and moving.  My goodness, that makes one good dinner.  Taemin puts the live lobster on the grill.  Naeun apologizes to the lobster for having to put it on the barbeque but says that she needs to eat.  All of that to sad instrumental music playing in the background.


Taemin asks Naeun if a guy had barbequed meat for her in her life.  She said the only person who has done that is her dad.  She throws the question back at him.  Apparently he’s barbequed meat for another woman before.  Poor boy dug his own grave.  But not too deep a grave because he’s barbequed meat for an old lady he and his friends met on vacation.  He feeds Naeun and admits in the interview that he did not know where that came from because he’s always thought that gesture was super cheesy.


Naeun asks whether she should return the favour by feeding him a piece but he tells her no.  Right after that, he picks up a piece of meat with his chopsticks and asks her to pick it up with her chopsticks.  Confused, she obeyed.  He then leans forward with his mouth open.  He is tooooooo smooth!  In the studio, Jihye tells Danny Ahn to learn from Taemin.  Aww, Jihye and Danny Ahn should get together already.


Taemin finds a phonograph (old music player) and tries to turn it on.  Old trot music is playing.  They laugh at the terrible song choice given their situation.  He stops the song and plays another one.  The second song plays and the lyric goes “we drink and sing a song…” and they burst out laughing.  They leave it playing and return to the dinner table only to hear the lyrics go “even our love was to break…”  It’s definitely the wrong song for a first meeting and a newly ‘married’ couple.


Spotting a tangelo-looking fruit (looks like a tangelo to me), Taemin picks it up, peels of the skin and gives half the tangelo to Naeun.  At the same time, he tells her that he’s washed his hands.  In the morning.  Naeun laughs because it is a huge burden to eat the tangelo that was peeled with questionably unsanitary hands.  She then asks whether he’s peeled a tangelo for a girl before.  He responds that peeling a tangelo for someone is not an act a person does frequently, but rather is done with love.  Smooth, smooth, too smooth.  Then he adds that tangelo tastes the best when you wash your hands in the morning but peel the tangelo at night.  Germy citrus fruit.


Taemin tells a bad joke but Naeun laughs hard at hearing it.  Misun thinks that they must be very happy to begin with to laugh at a bad joke like that.  Danny Ahn wishes that he’s as innocent them to enjoy the joke as well.


They decide to go for a walk along the beach.  Taemin says that it is fascinating that he can (and is allowed to) walk along side a girl as a celebrity.  She feels the same.  Asian celebs are a bit more private with their relationships.  He runs off to get a towel so that they can both sit at the beach while watching the night sea.  They chatted about the day they had.  Taemin was pretty excited (and scared!) with the boat ride.  Naeun asked if he rather kept seated while on the boat.  He froze for a while, thinking that she was asking whether he felt like hugging her while on the boat.  (‘Hug’ and ‘sit’ sounds similar in Korean if you toss is some grammar.)


The cute couple gets up to walk nearer to the water.  They decide to have a game of who can reach the closest to the water then run back.  Naeun whines making it look like Taemin had a false start but charges forward toward the water determined to win the game.  Too bad she miscalculated the waves coming in so her shoes got wet.  Taemin is just a bit too happy with her getting her shoes wet.  This time they remove their shoes and run towards the water.  Danny Ahn and Jihye commented that they should be holding hands while running around.  Maybe these two should get together for WGM to show how to get it done correctly.


Taemin whips out his phone to play a song and he sings to it.  Naeun feels that she will remember this day whenever she hears this song playing.


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