Restaurant Review: ACME Cafe

I was in Gastown for a early morning meeting today and I decided to pay ACME Cafe a visit when it was over. I went for early morning breakfast hour, and it was already bustling with people! I suppose this little beloved cafe is great for those who live nearby. Although the decor is few but the ambience is great, with the servers and counter staff dressed in cute barrettes. It kind of felt like I was in a small coffee shop in France.

When I walked in, the waiter (Tyler) had his hands full with another table but still managed to greet me and was still friendly and polite. While I was eating my scrumptious breakfast, I noticed that there were quite a few staff for breakfast time (5-6). Although there were a lot of staff, they all seemed very busy each minding their own thing (two chefs, one minding the coffee station, a waiter, and one at the take-out till). Is this a culture thing from the breakfast shops in France? I’m not sure. I would’ve liked a little more interaction with the staff but I suppose this way they are efficient and fast. Trivia: can you spot the coffee girl smiling at my camera? 😀

Photo 2013-05-15 03.26.41 PM

When you sit down, the waiter offers you a mug of coffee to start your morning. I think it was just a regular roast blend but as a coffee lover, it just livened up my senses when I took my first sip. I should’ve come here BEFORE my meeting – I’d be much more awake and lively! 😀 Top-ups are free of charge (which is nice for people with long days ahead), and the little jar of milk seemed to last forever (and I like my coffees milky).

Photo 2013-05-15 03.26.27 PM

I ordered their Signature Baked Egg Benedict:

Photo 2013-05-15 03.26.10 PM

I was READY TO EAT! The Benny was delicious as expected (although a little pricey) – it is their signature dish after all. It was rested on a bed of hashbrowns, and when you eat everything combined, the taste was wonderful.  They arranged it on petals that were slices of onion (did not eat), which made the presentation look quite pretty. There was a little bit of seasoning in the hollandaise sauce which gave it a kick to your bite and there were generous sized chunks of ham in the mix which was an added bonus! It came with a little tin of fruit salad and simple as it was I enjoyed the little touch.

I noticed that this was a popular dish for breakfast at Acme as other visitors that came in later than me also ordered the baked Benny. It was a large portion and it will fill you up pretty quickly. Overall, I enjoyed my experience. Even though the cafe started getting busy around 10am, they did not rush you out.

I had a bit of time to kill before a lunch appointment and while the waiter was ringing up my bill, he recommended some small boutiques in the neighborhood to check out! So cute. 😀



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