Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles 2

See part one of Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles here!

It’s called a Bibimmyeon Roll and it looks delicious. I wonder why it took this long for someone to come up with this!

For the 295th episode of Happy Together 3, Im Seulong (2AM), Song Jihyo and Lee Dongwook guested on the show to promote their new drama, Mandate of Heaven. The last segment of the show is to come up with new midnight snacks recipes. Lee Dongwook came up with soodae (sausage) carbonara, Song Jihyo prepared assorted fruit fritters and Im Seulong made Bibimmyeon rolls.  Seulong’s dish has potential to become the ultimate midnight snack. (Unless you’re calorie counting!)

Bibimmyeon! I love to eat it in the summer because it is meant to be served cold. The sauce is very spicy but the cold noodles balances out the spiciness. Preparation would include boiling the noodles till it is cooked then put it under running cold water. This also helps with creating chewier noodles. Drain off all the excess water then toss it in with the sauce. Take that red colour in the sauce as a warning of how spicy it would be!

What is a Bibimmyeon Roll?  The noodles are prepped as usual then rolled in some nori (seaweed a.k.a. the stuff that is in sushi). The roll is then dipped in batter and deep fried into perfect golden brown deliciousness.

Will you be making some Bibimmyeon Rolls today?


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