Friday Five: Best Food Smells


1. Coffee

Do I even need to say much? I wake up cranky in the morning, corners of my lips turned downwards as if the whole world is against me. I walk into Starbucks or Tim Hortons or any coffee places really, and suddenly the world seems like a brighter place. No, I have not had a sip of my coffee yet. Just the pure smell of coffee puts me into a good mood and make me look forward to my delicious cup of coffee. The caffeine is always a welcomed bonus.

2. Chocolate
The scent of chocolate in the air is absolutely heavenly. It makes me take a deep inhale and exhale slowly. I think it’d be awesome to practice Pilates at a chocolate shop. “Inhale….” scent of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. “Exhale.” Big smile on my face.

Best experience with this is at Max Brenner where there are these two huge vats of chocolate cooking in the store. One contains milk chocolate and the other, dark chocolate. The smell is absolutely amazing and indescribable. Visit a location to try it out. I recommend the chocolate fondue! It comes with strawberries, bananas, pink and white marshmallows and banana cakes. Cake dipped in dark chocolate is sinfully delicious. Sinfully because you will be cheating on your diet. They are located in USA, Australia, Israel, Singapore and Philippines.

3. Cheese

Yes, the glorious smell of cheese. Have you walked into a pasta bar and sniffed the air inside? All that Parmesan cheese goodness is in the air. I’m not talking smelly blue cheese or the Top 10 stinkiest cheese in the world. Just the regular stuff you find on your pasta, pizza and in your grilled cheese sandwich.


4. Smell of Chicken and Fries in the Fryer, Cheeseburger and more

I can find a location of KFC or McDonald’s just by following my nose!  Walking past a fast food joint really gets me hungry and happy.  If only I didn’t have to be counting calories…


5. Smell of food when you are hungry

Admit it. Everything tastes and smells good when you are hungry.  Five-day-old cheeseburger would smell heavenly when you’re hungry!

Pictures as credited/from Google Images


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