Maybelline Line Stylist in Expresso Review!

Please forgive me for doing a review on a product I JUST hauled. I can’t find any excuse not to rave about this product!  Today I’ll be reviewing the Maybelline Line Stylist eyeliner pencil in Expresso. You can find these at drugstores such as Rite Aid, WalMart, Target. I’m not sure about Walgreens and CVS (but there’s a high possibility).


I LOVE IT! The pencil is thin enough to get to the tiniest of gaps on your eyelids, making it a great “invisible liner”.  I have very uneven eyelids (one bigger than the other, sometimes I have TRIPLE lids if that’s possible), and sometimes it’s hard for me to draw a perfect line for both eyes without having some of the liner rub onto my upper lashline (girls with uneven eyelids, I’m sure you understand). Sometimes by the end of the day, I have rings not only on the bottom lash but on the top lash line near my crease.


Can you girls see how tiny the pencil itself is?! When I first used it I thought I was going to break it. It’s pretty lightweight so you must use a gentle hand with it. As I’m gearing for more of a natural look in the hotter weather, I chose the dark brown colour and it’s so natural it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing liner in pictures.

It’s so funny how I picked up this product by accident and ended up loving it more than my regular Revlon Colorstay liners. I can slap this stuff on my eyelids and totally forget about it for the rest of the day. I highly recommend my readers to try this out the next time you’re at the drugstore! It retails for about $5-7 depending on location.

Have any of you tried out the Line Stylist pencils? If not, what are some liners that you recommend? 🙂


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