Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 167


D’aww! The preview of these two are so cute.

Let’s start with some profile! It is a much needed exercise, especially for me, because I do not know much about the girl involved.

Lee Taemin is born on July 18, 1993 and is the youngest member of the idol boy group SHINee. Since the group debut when most of the members are pretty young, they have always given me the impression that they are minors (even though I’m not that much older than they are). The impression stuck and it seems like they never grew up within the past five years. Their shocking choice of hair colour and outfits has always freaked me out but I do like listening to their songs, especially their lesser known ballads.

Son Naeun, born February 10, 1994, is a member of the girl group called A Pink which is managed by A Cube Entertainment. Mushroom to self: OK, the same management company as Beast. She has starred in three of Beast’s music video. Oh, so I have seen her before. Just didn’t notice her. A Pink debuted in 2011. The year I was so busy that I had an unintentional K-entertainment detox. She was cast in the drama “The Great Seer” and won a Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular TV Actress for her role. Right, the sageuk drama that I skipped because it was 35 episodes and too long for me to bear. Awesome cast: Ji Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Kim So Yeon! So that’s how I totally missed noticing her existence. But we have WGM to finally catch my attention, no?


Back to the episode… Key opens the door to find the red mailbox where the mission card is usually stored.  He brings in the mailbox into the living room where Onew and Taemin are hanging around trying to act like they do not notice the camera.  They make a huge fuss over what the mailbox is, where it is from and could it possibly be We Got Married.  Dude, I can see shadows of the cameramen in the shot.  You wouldn’t let the camera crew into the house if you didn’t know what they are there for.  They finally get around opening the mission card and find that there is a scratch-off part where the name is.  Key scratches off the silver stuff and sulks because the name is not a one letter name.  (‘Key’ is one letter in Korean; ‘Onew’ and ‘Taemin’ are two letters.)  Onew snatches the mission card, takes a look then screams out.  Turns out it’s not his name on the card.  Taemin looks surprised at seeing his name on the card.  He’s the youngest virtual husband ever to be on the show.


Taemin is given a photo of a girl sitting near the window while looking out into the distance.  The boys try to figure out who Taemin’s ‘wife’ is going to be.  Since the mission card mentions that Taemin will meet his bride in Jeju Island, Onew searches Jeju Island and found the location of where the photo is taken.  The photo is of Han Gain in the movie Architecture 101.  Key and Onew are convinced that Taemin’s wife will be older than him just because he is 21 and statistically speaking there are less female celebrities younger than him.  They think it would be nice if the girl is younger because Taemin would be able to show a more manly side.


The mission card requires Taemin to draw what he hopes his wife looks like.  He did a preliminary drawing but both Key and Onew told him to redo it because it looks terrible.  He does a second drawing and it is definitely better than the first.  Key warns Taemin to control his expression if he meets someone he doesn’t like.  Key can see through Taemin’s dissatisfaction most of the time.  Taemin is labeled as a difficult person to work with.  LOL!


Onew thinks that they need to write out a plan of what to do in Jeju Island.  He writes down fishing and clay shooting.  Taemin suggests a horror experience in Jeju Island.  Key tells them that fishing, shooting and horror are the worst things ever to do with a girl!  Stick to those activities while you’re with friends.  Ditto, Key!


Key talks skinship with Taemin.  Taemin does a practice round of putting on the seatbelt with Key.  Key sniggers at Taemin’s eye contact while putting on the seatbelt.  He thinks it’s too provocative.  Will it really?  He’s like a little baby putting on the seatbelt for mommy.  Key tells him to look away so Taemin does exactly what he says.  Taemin is exasperating his hyungs (older brothers).  Key coaches him to look away naturally, looking at the seat belt and the surroundings.  He then asks Taemin if he’s felt his heart racing where there is skinship during photo shoots.  There was a slight pause before Onew pipes in with “photo shoot with fried chicken was the best.”  Aww!  Why isn’t he the one on WGM?  I’d love to watch a goofball do WGM.  Key tells Taemin to give him periodical reports because he is worried.


A few days later…

Taemin and Naeun head to Jeju Island on separate flights.  There is this huge introduction of the location, Taemin and Naeun.  I’m just excited to see clips and pictures of Uhm Taewoong in Architecture 101.  *Grins* The first interview with Naeun shows how innocent she is in terms of dating and such.


Taemin finally meets Naeun when he tries to take a peek at her from the back.  It shocked Naeun and she stood up for an awkward greeting.  Taemin admits that he’s always found her the prettiest in A Pink.  There is the typical shy conversations between people meeting (or having a proper conversation) for the first time.  He tells her she is pretty right off the bat and regrets it right after saying that he should have saved it for later.  They have acted in a drama together before as brother and sister so it’s not quite their first meeting.


Both of them graduated from the same junior high school.  She’s seen him at the cafeteria and in PE class.  The fact that she’s noticed him in school before is more interesting.  She calls him sunbaenim (senior) but he corrects her that he is now her husband.  She squeals in embarrassment.


Taemin notices a ring on her index finger and asks her about it.  It is a gift from her mother so Taemin wonders if she is Catholic.  Turns out they share quite a few things in common.  Their baptism names are Francesco and Marcela.  ‘Francesco ♥ Marcela: We Got Married’ sounds a lot like a telenovela 😀

Taemin says that he’s glad to have met someone who is younger than he is.  He then bluntly asks Naeun if she likes him.  If I were Naeun, I would have hidden under a rock.  She admits that she does.  I think those casting interviews play a huge role in ensuring that two people will not be killing each other on the show.  LOL!  Danny Ahn says that Taemin is doing pretty well on his own and does not need any coaching from his hyungs.  Even I’m glad he is paired with someone younger than him.  Nice time to wash off the baby of the family image.  Taemin asks Naeun’s permission to speak banmal (informal speech) to her.  This guy is on a roll.  Naeun says that her first love a.k.a. first crush is in kindergarten.  Taemin tells her that he too hasn’t dated before.  Naeun is rather suspicious of that claim.  Even I am now.  He’s too smooth.


Taemin warns Naeun that she might be offended by the drawing of his ideal girl.  She wonders if it is because it is too far away from what she looks like.  Nope, she looks pretty close to what he had in mind.  She sees the drawing and laughs.  His description of what he intended to draw sounds about right: charismatic eyes with double eyelids, straight hair, pale skin, lips like a cherry.  That description fits Naeun too.  The only problem is that his drawing is plain ugly.  Hahaha!


Naeun pulls up her drawing of a couple on their wedding day.  Totally impressive and seems like she spent a few more hours on the drawing than just 3 seconds with a crayon just like Taemin did.  Taemin compliments her and it makes her embarrassed.


Naeun is too shy to maintain eye contact with Taemin so she has to look downwards most of the time.  Taemin draws nearer and lowers himself to her line of vision.  Shy giggle.  She is so shy that Taemin has to do all the talking and joking to loosen her up.  She laughs at them but still squeals out of embarrassment from time to time.


Taemin decides that they should go for a walk.  He walks her to the car and opens the door for her.  What a gentleman.  Key didn’t have to worry.  Taemin is doing all too well on his own.  He gets in the car and tries to help her with the seatbelt.  Just the thing he had been practicing with Key.  Too bad his arms are too short so he couldn’t reach the seatbelt.  Fail.  In the interview he said that helping her with the seatbelt kind of felt like he was hitting on her.  Right, as if he hasn’t been trying to all the time he was talking to her.


He asks her if she like extreme sports.  Yes, the thing that Key and Onew warned him not to take a girl to.  Turns out Naeun find that it sounds fun.  Yeah, Key you’re fired for dating advice.  Taemin tries to get Naeun to speak to him in banmal and she is all so cutesy and obedient.  She tries to figure out what to call him and Taemin suggested she calls him oppaAigo~  He does not hear oppa a lot.

They find that they have the same favourite food: meat.  I’m thinking Korean barbecue here.  I’m hungry again.  Darn.  They boast the amount of food they can devour in one sitting.


Naeun notices a rosary bracelet on Taemin’s hand and says that she’s lost hers.  It turns out that they both lose things easily.  Naeun better follow Taemin closely otherwise he’ll drive off without her someday.  LOL.  He tells her that he is known as ‘Magic Hand’ among the fans because everything he touches will break.  She also left that pretty drawing in the plane when she got to Jeju Island.  Taemin wonders who will take care of them when they are together and whether they should take care of each other.  He thinks that they will probably lose each other.  They should borrow a kid to babysit for a day just to see if they will leave the kid roaming the supermarket isle while they drive off for some Korean barbeque.  Just sayin’.


Naeun did not inform her A Pink members or her parents about this WGM gig.  The press just released the news of the new couple and Naeun is the 2nd most search term on the search engine.  “…ppa is in third place” she says shyly, can’t bring herself to call him oppa just yet.  Because of the confusion it caused, she had to repeat with oppa the second time around.


Taemin wonders if other guys have hit on her before.  She has and when he asks her if she likes them at all, he only got an intelligent reply: “no comment.”  He then says that she has no choice when it comes to him because it’s a forced marriage.  LOL.  That sums up arranged marriage.  He admits to have a few girls approach him but he was too shy.  Naeun’s expression turns sour so he jokes that he likes men.  No, don’t get him wrong, he is straight but rather hang out with the bros because they have more fun.  He then throws in the best line he could have said all day, “It feels nice to be with you.”


They arrive at the beach and he takes her… PARA-SAILING.  Daredevils they are.  It turns out that the winds and waves are not working in their favour so para-sailing is crossed off their list for the day.  Stick around for the next episode to figure out what they will be doing!


4 thoughts on “Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 167

  1. Isn’t Key gay? He so has gaydar. And even in that variety show from two years ago, Beauty Teacher Taming The Idol (it’s on Viki), the most masculine thing about him was his irritation at being taught by a trainee girl chef and not the handsome older man chef. Plus, he just loved setting people up on blind dates. That so isn’t what straight men do.

  2. good stuff here.. btw, do you happen to know the background song played during taemin approaching na eun on the first episode?

  3. OMG what u wrote was sooooo funny =)) lol don’t take it wrong though :p looking forward to ur next ep’s review haha :))

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