Get the Look: Go Junhee (WGM 167)

If you’ve been following my We Got Married episode recaps, you would know that I always admired how pretty Go Junhee looks. It is perhaps time that we take a look into her makeup colour selections! I will use MAC products as suggestions to get Junhee’s look.

There are four components to her eye makeup: eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliners and eyelashes.

20130502-223922.jpgMAC Eye Brow in Brunette

Her eyebrows are filled in with a medium brown eyebrow colour to match the colour of her hair. Think eyebrows are a ‘signature’ of Korean makeup preference as they believe thick and less angular eyebrows are more youthful. Eyebrows should be two shades lighter than you hair colour if you have dark hair, and two shades darker if you like hair. As for Junhee’s case, her eyebrow colour is quite similar to her hair colour. It is probably a tad bit darker than her hair.


Junhee is wearing natural looking pink eye shadow that looks tan or peach in certain angles. This MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Pink Frontier is a golden pink colour. When the gold in the eye shadow catches some light, it will make it look slightly peach.

MAC Creme Liner
Applying a cream eyeliner with a brush gives you more control over the shape and size of the line. Her eyeliner is applied very close to the lash line and there is an extension of a few millimeters on the outer corners. There is not much of a wing at the outer corner, rather the extension is flat. The bottom lash is also lined but is darker towards the outer corners of the eyes.


Her eyelashes look really natural and you may think it might just be mascara that is doing the trick.  But think again.  How are those long lashes humanly possible?  This is when falsies come in to save the day.  MAC 4 Lash false eyelashes gives natural looking length and volume.



The overall look of her makeup has a blue pink tone.  MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Flaming Chic is a bright blue pink liquid-powder blush with shimmer.  Go easy on the blush because with this look, less is more!


MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Extra Amps is a blue pink lip gloss with large particle pearls that reflect light to mimic gems.

Want to see other makeup brands featured on Get the Look? Leave a comment below!  See other Get the Look posts here.

All pictures credits to MAC website


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