Restaurant Review: T Room Bakery


My friends and I decided to have some coffee after our lunch date.  We made our way to T Room Bakery after a friend suggested we try it.  She’s been hearing great reviews of the place from some of her friends.  We only intended to order coffee since we’ve already had lunch but I saw the pretty cakes in the display so I suggested that we order something to share.

We decided that we did not want anything too sweet and so we asked the server for her suggestion.  She politely explained to us the selection of cakes and tarts while having a big smile plastered on her face.  I’ll give service five stars!  We chose a lemon tart ($4.95) which ended up to be a very nice choice after a big meal.  The custard was more sour than it was sweet.  The sourness is balanced off by the sweetness in the crust and white chocolate pieces.  I noticed that we all ate the sides where we get more crust-to-custard ratio and left the center of the tart for last.


The cappuccino ($3.25) was good and I quite like their choice of coffee.  I don’t know my coffee beans well but whatever it is they are using tastes great.  The coffee is fragrant and did not have a sour after taste.  It probably means that the barista did a good job with controlling the temperature of the water.  Definitely better than your average Starbucks cappuccino.

They are located in 4445 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, B.C. V6R 2H8 and only steps away from the bus stop along the 99 B-line route.  It is a quiet neighbourhood and there is not much of a crowd around that area.  If you are interested in trying it out, go quickly because T Room is going to be closing down as the building where it is currently operating has been sold.  Their kitchenware are currently 35% off and their tea selections are 25% off.

By the way, I did not do a very good job with the photos because I was busy chatting away while working the camera and was too distracted to perfect the shot.  The result is having photographed coins, bill, sunglasses and a drip on the coffee cup!


T Room Bakery and Kitchenware on Urbanspoon


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