Friday Five: Best K-drama Soundtrack Vol. 1

These are five out of the numerous soundtracks I played on loop while watching the drama, and even after the drama ended!

I Miss You (Bogoshipda) – Kim Bum Soo

This song is memorable because it is played during all the sad scenes in Stairway to Heaven.  So when Choi Ji Woo’s eyes are welling up, you hear Kim Bum Soo crooning “Bo-go—shipda~~~” in the background.

Now this video is the live version of this song and sounds a little different than the recorded version.  Kim Bum Soo added a few more runs and tempo changes.  You can hear the fans singing to it as well.

Parrot – HowL

Who doesn’t love Princess Hours (Goong)?  The beautiful wardrobe, fantastic set, young Yoon Eun Hye, tall and mysterious Joo Ji Hoon and a sweet baby-faced Kim Jeong Hoon.

Have this song on my playlist even to this day.

That Woman – Baek Ji Young

That Man – Hyun Bin

The epic song for the drama Secret Garden.  Baek Ji Young sang the original version of the song.  Since the drama was doing so well, Hyun Bin lent is voice to record the men’s version of the song (which is exactly the same song, just in a lower key).  Even though his voice is shaky throughout the song, I think works with portraying the emotion of the song.

Lovin Ice Cream – EZ Life & As One

This is the cutesy song that I absolutely fell in love with on the drama Lie To Me!  Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan’s characters start to get chummy with each other while singing this song.  The original version of the song even has a kid singing the first verse.

Missing You Like Crazy – Taeyeon

I was impressed with Lee Seung Gi’s stellar performance in King 2 Hearts despite the low ratings that drama raked in.  I really liked the drama and this soundtrack was the cherry on top!


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