Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 167


There’s only 15 minutes of Jinwoon ♥Junhee cuteness this week! More airtime was allocated to the new couple, Taemin and Naeun.

They pick up where they left off in the last episode. Junhee tells Jinwoon that she will be heading to Las Vegas for a photoshoot. Jinwoon goes into the whole guilt trip thing about leaving him alone for a week. (It’s not like they see each other daily anyway. Their filming is just, what, once a week?) He dreads living in their huge house on his own. I gotta kick him outta that house. I’d love to live there for a week on my own. They have a lovely kitchen and huge living space! I could cook up a storm or host a party.

Jinwoon started quoting the lyrics of his song that is totally cheesy. Whether you are leaving or dumping me, you have got to fix my heart so that I do not hurt and can continue to live… Junhee guesses the song title correctly: Can’t let you go even if I die.


Junhee said that she has been to Las Vegas when she was little but does not remember anything about Las Vegas. Jinwoon tells her that he can show her around Las Vegas because he has been there while on tour with the Wonder Girls. Finding that cool, she wished she was in an idol girl group. Jinwoon asks if she is good at dancing but Junhee said no. Her first dance move is pumping her fists alternately in an upward motion. Her second dance move is holding her fists in front of her chest and rolling her shoulders forwards alternately. Jinwoon joins in.


She mentions that there are a few expressions that female idols do. Jinwoon encourages her to demonstrate but she’s too shy to do it in front of him and flops down on his lap.


In the interview, she imitates a few expressions of idol singers. She explains that when the camera zooms in, the girl group member will stare down the camera and do a slight nod and move their head from side to side. Male idols are worse! She imitates a flying kiss, a wink and some hand gestures. It’s totally fan service because the fans go crazy over it.


Junhee whips out a mirror to check out her teeth for pepper flakes. Jinwoon has some stuck on his teeth and she leans forward to try to see it. Jinwoon keeps his teeth from showing while saying that he doesn’t want to, resulting in an aegyo voice. They have a cute banter with the mirror and pepper flake stuck in his teeth.

Jinwoon suggests that they head to Las Vegas together. Junhee has her suspicions that it is not going to happen because she did not hear about his itinerary beforehand.


Few days later, Jinwoon is waiting at the airport with shades on, boarding pass and luggage in hand. He sees that Junhee has arrived in the airport (in a striking orange jacket!) and runs off to hide outside the door. She is accompanied by her manager that looks a lot like Jung Hyung Don. Ack! He spots her close by. Junhee spots some cameras around and is rather puzzled by them while Jinwoon goes running up to her. He gets close to her, grabs her carry-on luggage then stands tall next to her. She freaks out because she did not expect him to be at the airport. Jinwoon tells her that they will be going to Las Vegas together but she tells him to quit acting. The boarding pass convinced her that indeed Jinwoon is tagging along. Junhee’s expression goes blank while looking at the boarding pass and is confused at the situation.


He calls her out for not being ecstatic about the fact that he will be tagging along. He mentions being upset at Junhee’s hesitance during the interview. I bet she’s thinking that she has got to do a tiring photo shoot and trying to survive while doing a WGM filming. She explains in the interview room that she will be going for work reasons and will have a grueling full day schedule so she does not have free time to spend with Jinwoon. Another reason was also the fact that she’s packed tracksuits since she knew that she will be working all day and would rather be comfortably dressed during her break.


Jinwoon asks her how she would feel if there is a really good looking person sitting next to him on the flight. She expects him to tell the person next to him that he’s hitched. Jinwoon mentions that they don’t wear rings. Junhee says that he could have just flashed the ring if they had one. She’s telling him to put a ring on it. He grabs a paper napkin to fold a ring for her. She tells him to quit it because she’s 29 this year. In the interview she feels that she is dating a 19-year-old. This is the first time that the age gap has created an issue! LOL. Junhee takes rings seriously as she views it as a sign of a potential marriage partner. She has never had couple rings in her previous relationships.


These two look so good together that they make coming down the escalator look like a photo out of a magazine.


He tells her to turn around while he goes digging in his bag to produce a neck pillow that he puts on her.


He puts it around her and takes a liking to it but Junhee is still confused because she cannot see it since the neck pillow is behind her head. He hands her a book. Jinwoon tells her to take this ‘friend’ and book to Las Vegas instead of him. He isn’t going to Vegas! It was all a prank. There is disappointment in her face and voice now that she finds out that he isn’t going. ScreenShot096

She still has not seen the neck pillow/stuffed toy so everything is super confusing at her end. He takes off the neck pillow that was around her neck and shows it to her. It has a cushion with Jinwoon’s face printed on it with J♥J sewn underneath it.


He shows her that the boarding pass is a fake. She finally can comprehend the situation and starts hitting him. He gives her a hug and tells her to come home safely. He sends her off to the departure gate.

20130502-131721.jpg 20130502-131725.jpg

They meet up again a week later after Junhee returned from her trip to Vegas. She tells him that she missed him and that she couldn’t find a good enough man who had a great body. Jinwoon asks her if she has been using the neck pillow. She tells him that she has been carrying it everywhere she went. He asks her about the self-cam footage. Apparently they have agreed to take some self-cam footage throughout the week. Junhee says that it is so cheesy that all her hands and feet are curled up (Korean expression). He hands over an earphone and offered to watch the self-cam together.


She’s so embarrassed by her video that she asked for them to watch Jinwoon’s video first. Ohemgee… it is extremely cheesy! The emcee, Ji Hye, complains that her hand is all curled up. Danny Ahn plays along and stretches out her fingers. Why don’t these two just date already? They look lovely together! Jinwoon had someone take a video of him working out. Junhee requests that they see that video again. LOL! Her and her obsession with his hot bod.


It was time to watch Junhee’s videos and she holds on tight to Jinwoon’s hands. Nice strategy. He asks her to let go and says that she only holds tight in a situation like this one. She begs him to watch it in the broadcast rather than there and then. Really? Would it better? Watching it on national television, then having the videos subbed into Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish… then the show is recapped on a blog like this one? There are clips of her doing the photo shoot in the desert.


She filmed a message to Jinwoon while holding onto the neck pillow he gave her. She spoke entirely in a aegyo baby voice that we don’t usually see from her on the show. It’s so cute how Jinwoon responded to each sentence that she is saying in the video. She shows him the bib that she’s bought for ‘mini Jinwoon’ a.k.a. the neck pillow. Another video is of her on her way to dinner while holding onto ‘mini Jinwoon’. People probably view her as a crazy woman walking around with a stuffed pillow with her boyfriend’s face over it.


The last video is of her in bed ready to go to sleep for 2 hours before she needs to get up to continue on with her photo shoot. Jinwoon imitates her gesture in the video. She also showed off her matching bathrobe with mini Jinwoon’s bib in the video.


Stay tuned for the next episode!



3 thoughts on “Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 167

  1. Thank you for mentioning the chemistry between Danny and JiHye! They are adorable together, aren’t they? They should do WGM next time! ><

    • Yeah, totally agree with you on that one! When the MCs turn become a couple… and do exactly opposite to whatever comments they’ve made on the show LOL!

  2. Hi……. ummm may I ask what is the title of the song at the end where they show the preview of the next episode?? I used to listen to it but I forgot the title….T.T

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