Haul Diaries: Garnier BB Cream, Revlon, Maybelline, Nivea

Hi girls! ^_^ I stopped by Walmart and Rite Aid last weekend and  I’ve picked up a backup of my Nearly Naked set, and a few new items as well. I usually stop by the drugstore once a month and pick up things I’ve run out on and things that I’ve researched online about that I want to try! This way, I get to have more of a collective haul than randomly buying products this day and then going out and buying products the next.


L to R: Maybelline Line Stylist in Expresso, Revlon Nearly Naked Powder & Foundation, Garnier BB Cream in Light, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded, Nivea Lip Butter in Smooth Kiss, and ELF false eyelashes.


First off, I was so excited to find the Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. I’ve seen my display shelves with other colors and I was hunting for this particular one for a few months now. I was so sad that I missed out on the other beige cream eyeshadow that they released early this year and am not interested in the other colors. I heard so many rave reviews on this and heard that they surpass even the MAC paint pots, so I HAD to grab it. Haven’t gotten a chance to wear it yet, but after a few swatches on my arm  I instantly fell in love. How I would wear it is popping it in my inner corners and around the lower tear ducts to create a brightening effect. I am eyeing the brown/coppery shades at the moment but am satisfied that I found Barely Branded. 🙂


Can anyone say, “HELLO MOISTURE!” for me?! I know a lot of people prefer the lipstick tube for lipbalms, but I much prefer balms that come in pot forms. I think it comes from my childhood, where when I was in Europe my aunt would give me little circular pots of Vaseline and I would constantly use it. Yea, it’s of a nostalgic reason but I really do enjoy this product. 😀 I was contemplating which flavor to get but I was pushing for time and grabbed the default flavor.


As a girl, I SUCK at applying false eyelashes. Like I literally suck. My hands start shaking and I literally get anxiety attacks when trying to apply it and I still feel anxious throughout the day when I finally have them on, and constantly need to check if they haven’t fallen off my face. Recently I’ve been a little better at applying falsies and decided to pick up a pair for special occasions and/or date nights. It’s fun to dress up once in a while!


I tried the Garnier BB cream and on first impressions it is very moisturizing and has a VERY dewy finish. I have very dry skin and this BB cream helps with the appearance of the dryness of my skin and it has SPF15, making it a good daytime base. However, if you have oily skin I would try not to use it, but if you really want to try out this BB cream please bring blotting papers on the go. It has just enough coverage to even out the redness in your skin, but it still shows my freckles. If you want more coverage you would definitely need concealer. If you’re looking for this product, it’s in the skin care aisle. Oh, on a side note, it has a very strong citrus-y scent. I like the scent of it but thought you should know. 🙂


Sorry for the long post, lol. I just have one more product to talk about, and it’s the Maybelline Line Stylist pencil liner in Expresso. I actually bought the wrong liner!!! 😥 I was looking for the Eye Studio Master Drama, and for some reason I accidently picked this one up. I guess this is a good way of trying new products that aren’t really mentioned? When I tried it today, OMG I thought I was going to break the pencil any time. It’s sooo thin and tiny, which makes it a great pencil overall to use. You can use it to create really thin lines for that au naturale look and even intensify the line for a more bolder line. The staying power seems not bad, either. Will provide updates on this later in the month.

That’s all for today’s haul =D Which product are you currently trying/interested in? What are your favourite drugstore products at the moment? I’d love to know =D


2 thoughts on “Haul Diaries: Garnier BB Cream, Revlon, Maybelline, Nivea

  1. I was in the store the other day, and I saw the Color Tattoo. I’ve heard so many good things about it. I was so tempted to buy it, but I know I have about a million eyeshadow palettes and adding one loose one to the mix probably wasn’t the best idea. It was kind of pricey as well at $6-7. I was surprised. Usually, you can get a small palette in the drugstore for that price.

    • Hi Sam, sorry for the late reply. Been super busy this week =D

      I agree with you that the Color Tattoos are unnecessarily expensive. You can get two (or three, depending on location) Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow trios with one Color Tattoo! But I think it’s all about finding the perfect color that suits your skintone and what works best for you – that way it won’t seem like a waste. Let me know if you end up picking one up!!! =)

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