Game App: Fruit Pop


Looking for something to play to kill your boredom? Look no further. Try out Fruit Pop! This thing will keep you going for hours and hours especially if you’re the kind with the insane competitive spirit. I’ve been going at it on and off trying to break my own high score.

So what is this game, you ask? Simple. Connect as may fruits of the same colour as possible. You can go up, down, left, right and diagonal. It doesn’t matter! You will be rewarded by creating long chains or speed. The fruits in the chains pop and more fruit fall from above to fill in the empty spaces.

When you create a long chain of fruits like the picture above, you will get a bomb in return. The coconut shaped bomb will take out a row, column, row and column, or a 3×3 square of fruit.

20130425-205920.jpg 20130425-205916.jpg

You can collect coins through daily coin rewards as pictured above, or collect them while playing. Occasionally a coin appears taking a fruit slot in the game. Link it to a fruit chain to redeem the coins.

The coins that are collected can be used to purchase special boosts. Long Chains boost gives you a start with more fruits of the same colour so that you can link them up to get more points. A 4-Way boost is a coconut bomb that takes out a row and a column. Slow time gives you more time to look at the screen and determine your fruit chains but I don’t recommend this boost as the fruits also take a slower time to pop and fall to fill in the blanks. Rainbow boost arranges all the fruit on screen according to colour. Colour Bomb will take out the same coloured fruit that is highest in number.

I like to play it without boost just because I want consistency in trying to break my own high score. I’d rather get better at the game to gain high score rather than achieving high scores because I used four different fancy boosts. Yes, I’m weird like that. One day when ability is no longer enough to beat my own high score, I’ll start using the boosts. Ha!

20130425-205933.jpg 20130425-205929.jpg

At the end of every game, your score is shown under “Score”. Your best score of all time is shown under “High Score”. If you link up your Facebook account, the ranking will consist of your friends rather than these faux players. They have awesome names though. How insanely cute are the names Coco Shanell and Litmus McLimey?

Download links below. Did I mention it is free? That’s the best part!

Fruit Pop for Android Fruit Pop for Apple


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