Restaurant Review: Kawawa Ramen

I was running some errands today in the mall after a doctor’s appointment and after having a long 2 hour chat with a friend over a frothy caramel macchiato, I left early because hunger struck. I was craving ramen, so I headed out to Kawawa by Winners. Ramen bowls start from $7, so this is a very popular choice for students and young adults on dates wanting a quick bite to eat before their movie.

Since I never felt comfortable eating alone in a restaurant, I was hoping they did takeout so I could bring it home. I was so happy when the waitress said they were able to do so. 🙂 Even though the restaurant was busy for lunch, the waitress was very friendly and asked if I wanted tea or hot water as I waited, and carefully warned me that the broth was very hot when she returned.

I ordered Ninniku Ramen. It had traditional Japanese broth base noodles served with Crispy Garlic, a slice of Chashu, Corn, Bamboo, Green Onion, and Seaweed. I didn’t take a picture because I was too hungry, so I will post a picture of it from it’s site:


Right off the bat I noticed how almost MILKY the broth looked, and was quite hesitant to taste it. I did not enjoy the crispy garlic at all. The flakes were too big (there were too much of it) and it tasted almost burnt – once I scooped them all out I couldn’t help but wonder if they used those as “fillers”. Other than that, everything else was tasty and filling.

Even though I did not fully enjoy the noodles, I still enjoyed my experience because of a happy waitress. I will return again if I am in the area and hungry. But I will remember to ask them to remove those darn crispy garlics! XD


Kawawa Ramen on Urbanspoon


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