Jinwoon ♥ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 166

In this episode, Jinwoon and Junhee spend some time in their home at the WGM village. Like the other couples before them, they start off with some gardening work.


Jinwoon rocks up to the garden wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Not an outfit to be rocking for gardening work. He calls out to Junhee who follows behind him also wearing a leather jacket and shades. Really, the both of them look absolutely ridiculous considering the task at hand but I’ll forgive them since they are adorable together.


They strike a pose that somehow reminds me of Michael Jackson. Don’t ask. Junhee ordered the flowers so that they can plant them together. She’s ordered red, yellow and orange begonias (pronounced be-go-ni-a). Jinwoon makes a pun asking if each flower is 100 won (baek-won-ee-ya?). Time to check out the Jinwoon User Manual! Jinwoon himself finds his joke lame too.

Junhee decides that they need to put up a scarecrow in the garden. They agree on making a shape of their initials with the flowers. The flowers will be planted in the shape of “J♥J”. A face is needed for the scarecrow and Jinwoon suggest that they should draw a picture of what their baby will look like. These two would make pretty babies. Then again, we don’t know which part has been… er… ‘perfected’ by the plastic surgeon.


They sit on the ground to start drawing. Junhee hopes that their child would be tall. She better hope that the recessive gene is strong enough. From last episode we know that Jinwoon’s family aren’t all that tall. She also hope that their child’s eyes will not be too close together or too far apart. I think for wide set versus narrow eyes, its better of it was wide set because it can be corrected with surgery. Just make the eyes bigger and it’s all set! They start off by drawing eyes with single eyelids.


Junhee want red lips for the drawing. Jinwoon says that he’ll draw one exactly like Junhee’s. She says that she does not have the prettiest lips. Shut up, woman. It’s like those stick thin girls who keep saying that they’re fat. If they are, more than 90% of the population in the world is obese! Of course, then Jinwoon says that her lips are pretty and kissable. Of course the emcees are all impressed calling him a real man. Jinwoon’s drawing isn’t turning out too well looking like sausage lips which cause Junhee to snort. She adds orange cheeks to the drawing.


Jinwoon sits back to admire the drawing and notes that it looks like someone he knows… Dayum! It looks like a replica of Kang Hodong wearing the red dots on his face for the Knee-Drop Guru show. Poor baby scarecrow!


They have the clothes for the scarecrow ready and it is a leather jacket, black graphic tee, a red mini skirt and suspenders. Somebody call the fashion police. They paste their mini Kang Hodong ‘son’ on the scarecrow.


Junhee tells Jinwoon that begonias are edible. She picks one and gives it to him for a taste. According to Jinwoon, it tastes like a tart fruit and tastes nice.

Jinwoon says out loud that his pants are falling down. Junhee says that she’s seen an interesting pair of undies earlier. He’s so cool about it telling her that she probably saw the leopard print undies. She gets shy saying that they are probably not at the stage of discussing undies openly and Jinwoon asks her to take responsibility. Wha…?


The background music for this next section is fantastic. Junhee is gently working the ground with her small gardening tool and Jinwoon walks toward the flowers to pick up a tool. He comes back to the planting area with a garden hoe. Rock music starts blaring once he starts working the ground. Junhee just watches him in awe. He stops suddenly and says “it’s not going to work” and takes off his leather jacket. See what I told ya? Them outfits ain’t for gardenin’!


Junhee complete planting of the second ‘J’ and Jinwoon is pretty happy about it. He suggested that they pluck all the petals and scatter them on the ground in the shape of a heart and call it a day. She, of course, protested against that idea saying that they have to plant the red begonias in the shape of a heart. She says it’s the most important part. Jinwoon suggested calling someone to get it done but she refused saying that she rather watch him gardening. She says that it seems like that sort of movie and he really can fit into that sorta movie. More like Desperate Housewives where Gabrielle was having an affair with the hot gardener. Off comes another layer of clothing.


Now with less clothing on, Jinwoon continues working. Junhee and her laser eyes spot something… interesting. Jinwoon’s t-shirt was gaping at the neckline and she gets a little teaser of what is under that t-shirt. She checks him out a bazillion times with a huge smile plastered on her face. She tells him that she feels embarrassed all the time because she never knew that gardening can be too sexy for her to handle. LOL! Jinwoon is totally clueless about where this was coming from. She finally tells him that she can see through the neckline of his shirt. Misun (one of the emcees) is adorable saying with a cutesy voice that she would have just kept on looking without telling him.


Junhee puts the blame on him for wearing a top that has a loose neck causing her to see the whole of his chest. Is that a complaint? He catches her trying to steal another look at him. She stays in her spot even though it is dangerous and can get hit by the garden hoe. She tells him not to put on a shirt like that when he goes out. She tells him to wear it like how Korean actresses would put a hand on their chest when wearing a low cut top. [Rant: Like, seriously. Why wear a low cut top when you don’t want to show any cleavage? If cleavage is too much, stick to dresses that cover up well rather than covering up the chest area with the hand. It is one of the things that bug me during Korean entertainment awards season.] Jinwoon puts his hand on his chest and continue digging with the other. So unproductive!


The completed J♥J


They film a video for their ‘son’ and Junhee says to the camera “Your daddy has a great body. I noticed today.” They look cute together.


Jinwoon brought a lunchbox that was prepared by his mommy. A fantastic idea because her dear son will die of hunger with Junhee’s cooking skills. They decide to make some bibimbap. Junhee is in charge of making fried eggs and is nervous about it. Then she pours all the contents of the lunchbox into a big bowl. And I mean all of it, including the Korean pancakes. Jinwoon is dumbfounded when he sees the pancake in the bowl. They both start laughing awkwardly at the situation. She just doesn’t have any common sense when it comes to cooking. And no, that’s not even cooking. It’s just mixing side dishes with rice. She somehow made the fried eggs without a hitch. Her using a metal spatula on a non-stick frying pan made me cringe.

20130425-210223.jpg 20130425-210240.jpg

Junhee childishly say that they shared a spoon so they had an indirect kiss. (Some of you may say that they’re only sharing germs.) She regrets it saying it after because it is super embarrassing to her. Jinwoon takes advantage of the situation by feeding her with the spoon he’s used before and counting the number of times they had an indirect kiss. The emcees start screaming at them to stop it. Check out Danny Ahn’s face (bottom right corner)!


Junhee says that when she is with him she gets very embarrassed. It wasn’t there when they first met. She feels it when she watches him digging up dirt in the garden and looking down his shirt. I think the better translation would be ‘fluttering’ 😉


She offers him a hand massage because he’s work so hard earlier. Riiiiight… Are you sure that it isn’t just an excuse for skinship? *evil grin*


He then takes hold of her hand

20130425-210254.jpg 20130425-210259.jpg

Jinwoon takes out a gift from his bag for Junhee. It is a box of vitamins with handwritten labels. He tells her that Vitamin J is the most important and is something she should have when she thinks about him.

She opens the bottle of Vitamin J and pulls out a necklace. It is a necklace made personally by Jinwoon with a pendant made out of 2 guitar picks; a red one with her name on it and a black pick as the shadow. It symbolizes that he will be with her everywhere she goes and vice versa. It’s sweet because he plays the guitar. Jinwoon working as a WGM emcee a few years ago really gave him a good education! He explains that a guitarist always carries a pick around. She asks him to put it on for her.


Junhee is like an excited little girl bouncing up and down on the couch after she received the necklace. She says that she’ll show off the gift to everyone, even to Kwon Sang Woo. And she’s still bouncing up and down. She’s very touched with the gift he’s given to her because he has put the extra effort in it and it is something that money cannot buy.


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