Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 166

We finally bid farewell to Kwanghee and Sunhwa. They have been the comic relief for the show the past few months and their craziness will be missed!


A few days before Kwanghee and Sunhwa’s scheduled meeting for their last filming, they each get a mission card telling them to prepare for their last day together as virtual husband and wife.


The day rolls by and the both of them are sitting silently in the car. Kwanghee drives them to the café where they first met for the filming of the show. They return to the same table, sitting as they were the first episode. Flashbacks of their first episode are played. This time around, both carried heavy expressions on their faces.


Kwanghee brought along their written introduction from their first episode. Kwanghee reads Sunhwa ‘s introduction out loud. Sunhwa lets out a tiny scream of agony in anticipation of the potential explosion of cheesiness and goosebumps.

(There are lots of Korean phrases here. Something is bound to get lost in translation.)

Hello, I am a feminine woman that has not dated for three years.” Kwanghee tells her that he indeed did find her feminine.

“I want to get married! I want to be loved, I want to love~! Please make me a shy woman.” Sunhwa says that Kwanghee did not make her a shy woman. He says that she is a proud woman and he’s made her even prouder! She is now the national representative of mothers in the Republic of Korea. She has wiped Kwanghee’s mouth, scolded people and taken care of three children. Basically this show has ruined her idol image. Ha!


“I will not play hard to get…” Kwanghee says that she is a liar. He’s never met someone who is as good as she is playing hard to get. They discussed when they intentionally missed each other’s calls and when it was unintentional. (Playing hard to get in Korean directly translates to ‘pushing and pulling’.) Kwanghee says that she has pushed a lot of times but missed the timing to grab the rope again to pull. LOL! Their playing hard to get just spurred into a lot of different kind of questions and assumptions: Will I look too needy? Does he not like to talk to me? If she likes me she’ll keep calling. Sunhwa admits it is because the ‘relationship’ is for the cameras and these personal calls are not discussed when they are filming for the show. Yeah, the line gets blurry for them.


They decide to get some coffee and Sunhwa offered to get them. Kwanghee is confused as she could easily asked for the waiters to take their order. She slips downstairs and goes to the door and gets a parcel from someone with the caption “???” LOL. I love the captions for this show. Sometimes those things make the show.


Sunhwa does this whole spiel of what she wants to give him as a gift and finally decides that she’ll give him her heart. The spiel was concluded in one sentence from Kwanghee: Did you draw something? ROFL. Kwanghee offered to keep his eyes closed while she unwrapped her drawing.


I’m impressed. She’s a very good artist. Sunhwa mentioned that they did not have the opportunity to do a wedding photoshoot (Aww! That’s one of the best parts of WGM) so she drew a couple on their wedding day. Kwanghee notices the date that she signed on the painting was the date for the day before their filming. Kwanghee becomes a little suspicious about it. The emcees in the studio conclude that the couples may think that the gift is prepared by one of the WGM staff members. (Oh no, they just ruined the show for everyone! Those broadcasting secrets should remain secrets!)


Kwanghee reads the message on the drawing while Sunhwa closes her ears as he reads the message out loud. Why is it that we do not like to hear what we have written read out loud?

“To Kwanghee oppa… I want to thank you for the time we have spent together. Thank you for always making me laugh when I am by your side. We are not saying goodbye and we will meet again. I will always be by your side like this picture. Sunhwa”


Kwanghee wonders what it means that she wants them to meet again. He wonders if it meant for them to meet off camera because meeting while the cameras are rolling is hard on both parties. Sunhwa says that she is wants for the both of them to meet outside of filming and spend some time together. She wants to evaluate what kind of emotions and thoughts are present.


Kwanghee asked Sunhwa what it would be if they met like a normal couple. He wants her to act it out just because he felt so abandoned during their first meeting. Kwanghee heads downstairs while Sunhwa fixes her makeup while looking at a Hello Kitty compact.


She hears heavy footsteps and out comes Siwan. Oh-ow. Sunhwa is at a loss. Siwan came as a request from Kwanghee to deliver a personally written letter to Sunhwa. Apparently Kwanghee couldn’t read it himself as he thinks that he might cry so he sends Siwan to read it for him.


Siwan hands over the letter to Sunhwa. She reads it and starts to cry. Siwan asks her if there is anything that she wants to tell Kwanghee and he will pass the message. Sunhwa says that she will do it herself despite being told that this is their last episode together. She is sure that she’ll meet him again sometime later to tell him. Sunhwa tells Siwan that she was glad to see him during the first filming, but really hates it when she sees Siwan today.


Kwanghee walks up again saying that he could hear everything from downstairs. Sunhwa, like the first episode, screams at Kwanghee to leave while tossing the handwritten letter at him. This time she says it with a smile that seems to show relief that she still gets to see him. Siwan leaves after the prank.


Kwanghee offers to read the letter to her.

“To my wife, Sunhwa.

Hello it’s your husband, Kwanghee. The end of our virtual marriage has come. Time flew by quickly because of our busy schedules. We have done many things together after we moved into our home. I even received the birthday meal you prepared for me. It was really delicious. I too, celebrated your birthday and we confessed our feelings to each other on Garosu Road. I was very happy at that moment.

The most memorable moment for me throughout our virtual marriage was during the drive we had in Hawaii. Then there were no cameras and there was just the two of us. I will not forget the freedom and happiness I felt during the time we spent together.

The most unfortunate thing is that you were courageous and showed me your love but I was embarrassed to show it. I couldn’t express it. I regret it. Even though it is not a real marriage, now that it is over I do not know what to make of it. There are a lot of things I want to do with and say to you.

Fortunately, the weather is getting warmer now that it is spring. I hated how your hands and feet were always cold. Now that it’s spring it will be less cold.

Who will cook me my meals? Who will wipe my mouth when I make a mess? Who would cheer for me before a broadcast?

My beautiful and kind bride, Sunhwa, thank you so much. As a man and an oppa I could not show you a lot of my admirable side and I am sorry about that. There were no lies during the time I spent with you. You do know that, right? You have to be happy with a bright and warm heart. I will always cheer for you.

Finally, I want to tell you that I like you… a lot…

Sunhwa’s husband, Kwanghee.”

Kwanghee shed tears while reading it. Sunhwa cried too.


Kwanghee asks if she has any last words. Sunhwa says she has none just because she does not want it to end. If only time would pause that that moment then it does not have to end.

It is hard for Sunhwa to end things because there are sincere feelings involved. There may be days where she hated some things but she now realizes that those are times that she is thankful for. She thinks that they are no longer friends. She perceives him as a man. (Friend = platonic, man/woman = not platonic)

Kwanghee sees Sunhwa as a woman, and no longer just a friend.


These two have really brought the entertainment to the show, making it fun and playful. There is no need for criticizing them as faking tears and emotions for the ending. This show has made them better friends (non-Korean definition) and ending the show can be seen as asking them to downgrade their friendship. If things get blurry and they really did develop some feelings for each other then it’s a messier problem!

The new couple taking up their spot is Shinee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Naeun. Aren’t they both under aged? >.< They might be one of the youngest couples ever to be on the show.


7 thoughts on “Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 166

  1. Block Bs Jaehyo lurrrves Naeun. Just sayin…

    As for Sunhwa and KwangHee, if we take this at face value then they fell in love during the filming. Okay, that’s possible. And I’ll concede KwangHee is bi, rather than gay.

    • What I meant to say was that they have built a real relationship from maintaining a fake one. They have probably gotten to know each other better and are closer friends. Whether there’s more to it is theirs to determine! 🙂

  2. Kwanghee has changed much during his stint on WGM. In my mind, he’ll always be one of the best husbands on the show, second only to Leeteuk. I love how he always makes elaborate plans to surprise Sunhwa on every episode. He knows how to take the lead in the relationship so Sunhwa can just go along with whatever her husband wants. In turn, this highlights Sunhwa’s virtues as a wife. She is VERY supportive of Kwanghee. Since Kwanghee says and does a lot of ridiculous things, most girls would probably die of shame just standing next to him. However, Sunhwa accepts him for who he is. Even if she complains that he’s not manly or he doesn’t do enough skinship, at the end of the day, we can see how she really appreciates him taking care of her. They are the best tandem I’ve ever seen. In fact, they are so good together that they deserve to have their own show!

    • Hi Angelica! Welcome to our blog!

      Thanks for the great comment on Kwanghee and Sunhwa. I have never quite noticed the caring side of their relationship because its rather subtle in comparison to their playfulness. Nice to hear your input and perspective! It’s true that most girls would die of embarrassment next to Kwanghee. I know I would. These two are very much like Jokwon and Gain in terms of their carefree and loud personalities. I’ll miss the laughs they bring.

    • So true! Maybe they can do their own talk show?

      And yes, Mushroom, I agree they’ve developed a close friendship. But then all the couples becomes friends from what I can see. In this case, KwangHee did seem to admire Sunhwa. It’s just, I don’t think he can do anything with a girl… :-P. Okay, maybe with a lot of concentration…

      • Hmmm… What do you guys think? A morning show? Or a weekday evening talk show like Happy Together? Game show? I think they’ll be better with more activity…

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