Get the Look: Sunhwa’s Hair on WGM 165

Sunhwa looks gorgeous in April 13’s episode of We Got Married. That outfit, those orange shoes but on top of everything else, that pretty hairdo.

There is nothing really special about this hair but it looks great on her. The braids start more than 2 inches away from the hairline, leaving bangs to frame her face. This works to most people’s advantage because bangs help hide… er… unsightly parts of the face. It also make the face look teeny tiny, which is what most Asians prefer.

Braids on both sides are tied together at the back of her head, forming a circle with the braids. The braids are teased slightly for a loose braid look. Do not be too obsessed about how perfect the braids look because you can see the braid on Sunhwa’s left side is not quite perfect.

This is what the braids look like from the top. Her hair is styled with soft, wavy curls. I think having lighter coloured hair really make this hairstyle standout.

A simpler variation is to do twists rather than braids. If you’re like me and tend to make crooked braids, you may want to try out twisting that section of hair. Twist the right strand of hair anti-clockwise, the left strand clockwise and fasten with an elastic. You can cover up the elastic with pretty hair clips or hair ties.

This hairstyle looks effortless but we know anything that looks ‘effortless’ takes more effort, the same way that ‘natural’ looks requires more unnatural lotions and potions. Are you going to try out this hairstyle?


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