Thursday Love List: My Appreciations Vol I

Recently I’ve been reading blog posts and videos on youtube about things the person likes. It’s not something you would typically see in a monthly favourites video. It’s more like describing things that you wouldn’t think of on a daily basis – things that you appreciate when it happens but forget about right after.


1. Let’s start out with the related quote above. You know those times when you just start laughing out of nowhere with your friends? And that feeling you get when you can’t breathe? Yes, I like that kind of feeling.

2. Most people hate this, but I like it when the roller coaster slowly creeps up to it’s climax drop and builds suspension. I like it even more when it teeters over the edge a bit and then drops at max speed.

3. As a girl, I enjoy it when men are polite. When young men let me go first on an escalator, or open a door to a restaurant, I really believe their mothers have taught them well to treat women with respect.

4. I enjoy making packing lists and actually packing for a trip. It’s quite therapeutic and that’s the part I look forward to the most when planning any kind of trip.

5. I like it when I’m so connected with a friend, that even if we can’t explain ourselves in human vocabulary and just use descriptive sounds and lots of hand gestures, we still understand what each other wants to say. And then we say it for them.

I’d like to know what your non materialistic likes so far! 🙂


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