Your Q’s, Our A’s: How To Stop Lipstick Bleed?

I’ve decided to have a little series “Your Q’s, Our A’s” to answer questions from our blog readers. Again we encourage you to comment, tweet or email us any questions and we will try our best to answer them.

We received a question from our reader TS

I just threw out a bunch of lipsticks since they didn’t feel “me” anymore. The only thing is, they were Revlon color stay, so although I was fed up with the so-so colours, I was happy with not worrying about uneven lipstick from eating or lipstick bleed.

So can you guys write a post on how to fix these problems with regular lipstick?

We’ve compiled a little bit of our own knowledge and did some homework to answer her question.


1. Line your lips

(19) Picture Lip Pencil

Lining your lips will fill in the uneven outer areas of your lips and keeps the lipstick in place. As an added bonus, if you have relatively thin lips, you can cheat a little and make them look extra plump!

2. Keep lips moisturized and chap-free!


Imagine what your chapped, prune-looking lips look like if you magnify them. It’s like hills and valleys. Applying lipstick is like raining. The hills absorbs the rain but the excess that does not get soaked into the ground will flow downhill into the valley creating streams. Streams flows into the ocean.  But there ain’t no ocean on our faces.  Lipstick flows down the tiny ‘streams’ on our lips and we get a lipstick bleed.  There are many kinds of fun chapsticks and lip balms out there nowadays in the drugstore. There’s little balm jars from Nivea, the famous Babylips, EOS lip balms that look like eggs, and of course, Vaseline will always be the #1 hero for moisturizing. It even comes in a tiny tiny container perfect for your purse (pictured above).

Littlesheepy quick tip: If you’re someone who has extremely dry and chapped lips, I would exfoliate your lips GENTLY with a toothbrush. Again, GENTLY run your toothbrush bristles in circular motions on your chapped lips, rinse and follow up with Vaseline before bedtime. You will notice your lips being noticeably smoother the day after! I would recommend doing this no more than three times a week.

3. Blot then reapply


After you apply your first layer of lipstick, blot with tissue and powder your lips over the tissue before removing. Remove tissue and apply second layer of lipstick. Sounds a little strange, but it’s one of those you gotta try it tricks.

Mushroom recommends: Kleenex 😉

5. Get good quality lipstick


Don’t get something from the dollar store! When I was growing up, my mom always told me it’s okay to spend a little more on products that you actually “eat” (lip products like lipstick and chapstick), because these ingredients actually get digested. You may have to give up some dough to get good quality lipstick. If you want great staying power, you may want to try Kat Von D. Makeup from that brand is highly pigmented and since it is marketed under the name of the famous tattoo artist it’s gotta last like a tattoo!

Permanent may be stretching it a little but long lasting is what we’ll get.

Of course, there are some other tips to prevent lipstick bleed but are less practical or more time consuming. We’re always on the run and juggling a million and one things at once so we all want simple and easy solutions, eh?

Hope this helps, TS!!! 🙂 Let us know if these tips help you out. Thanks for requesting our first Q&A post!

Mushroom & Sheepy


3 thoughts on “Your Q’s, Our A’s: How To Stop Lipstick Bleed?

  1. Thanks so much. To clarify: I put tissue over my lips and powder over that? B/c when I try powder directly on my lips I end up with a messy brush and messy lips. ;-P

  2. Hi! 🙂 Yes, as you are blotting with a tissue, powder OVER it. This will absorb any unwanted moisture on your lips, thus creating a stain-like effect for the first layer of lipstick!! 🙂

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