Snapshot of Today (April 23)


I had an interestingly weird conversation (I did more of the listening, really) with some people today. I think Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) would be very much interested.

These are some questions and statements from today:

“So we’ve agreed that vampires don’t have blood. How do they decide to drink all the blood of a human being and kill them, or just bite humans to turn them into vampires?”

Two people were discussing zombies and I am just a clueless listener.
“Mushroom: How do zombies function if they don’t have a brain?
Person B: When a zombie eats a human brain, it doesn’t eat the whole thing. It just eats the part that has to do with thoughts. The part of the brain that controls movement is left behind.
Person C: Yeah, zombie have no thoughts.
Person B: But then again why would a zombie not eat the whole brain to satisfy its hunger?
Mushroom: Yeah, if you’re hungry why would you only eat half an apple?
Person C: Well, you want to leave some for later when you’re hungry.
Person B: But then a zombie doesn’t eat a fellow zombie. The person turns into a zombie if you eat part of the brain.
Mushroom: … ”

“May the force be with you.”

“Person B: How do humans get turn into vampires anyway? What is it in their body that gets transferred into the body of a human being?
Person C: Maybe the vampire’s blood get into the human body.
Person B: Vampire don’t have blood right?
Person C: Maybe it’s a mutated gene.
Mushroom: …
after some more going back and forth between Person B and C
Mushroom: So Bella in Twilight gets turned into a vampire in the end?
Person B: Yeah! That’s after she gets preggers and have a baby after, like, a month.
Mushroom: Wha…? (I didn’t watch Twilight) So the baby is half vampire, half human.
Person B: Yep!
Mushroom: So in the end Bella gets turned into a vampire but the baby is still half human and half vampire?
Person B: $&@@$)@/:)$;@:!?!? (indistinguishable jumbled words and laughter)”

“Person C: I believe one day all plants and animals will mutate to a point that we humans are at the bottom of the food chain.
Mushroom: PLANTS??????? (With a WTH expression on my face)
Person C: One day plants can eat humans too. A house fly will mutate to a point that it is the size of this room.
Mushroom: @_______@
Person B: Oh, I think we’re far enough from that. It would take years before plants and animals get to that point.
Mushroom: thinks to self that I don’t know these people…

“Live long and prosper!”

Person B: You’re not a nerd, are you?
Mushroom: Nope.
Person B: That’s so uncool!!!!!!
Mushroom: O.O

I hope Person B and C never find out about our blog and read this post!


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