Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 165

I guess most We Got Married fans would have found out by now that Kwanghee and Sunhwa are quitting the show. While this episode does feel like it is their last filming together, it does not specifically say that it is the last episode for Kwanghee and Sunhwa. We might get another episode of Kwanghee and Sunhwa this weekend.


Kwanghee is putting together a table of refreshments. Once he’s done, he calls Sunhwa to check on her whereabouts. She is nearby so he decides to wait for her at the door. Sunhwa walks through the door just when Kwanghee arrives at the door. Instead of a warm greeting, Kwanghee shouts “Ya!” at Sunhwa for coming through the door before he could guide her in. He notices her outfit and look for the day then immediately softens. She does look beautiful! He compliments her by saying that she looks like Song Hye Kyo (which she does here!). Kwanghee calls himself Jo In Sung for the day.

Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung recently filmed a drama together called That Winter The Wind Blows


Kwanghee gives Sunhwa a mask to cover her eyes while he takes her downstairs. Sunhwa loses her balance a few times while walking down the stairs with her eyes closed. She then asks if the reason Kwanghee is doing this is so that he has the opportunity to hug her.


Right after she finishes her sentence, she slips…


…and falls into Kwanghee’s arms. He could have just walked her downstairs mask off, then make her put on the mask for the last few steps. Saves so much trouble! And yes, less ‘romantic’.

ScreenShot003 ScreenShot026

Somehow they finally make their way downstairs. Kwanghee insists that Sunhwa keeps her eyes closed until he is done counting down. She lowers the mask and sees the gallery that is covered with pictures of the two of them. Pretty awesome if you ask me.


They spend time admiring their photos. Sunhwa picks out the photo of her cooking for Kwanghee for the first time. She was certain that it was then that Kwanghee fell in love with her. It was not until she cooked for him that he started contacting her personally. Sunhwa goes to reiterate a common saying: if a girl is pretty a man stays with her for three days, if a girl is nice then a man stays with her for 30 days, but if a girl cooks well a man stays with her for 30 years. Yo, let’s all sign up for cooking lessons!


Kwanghee brings Sunhwa’s attention to a picture of her with her arms around his waist while he holds up his arms in an ‘O’ shape above his head. He says that he was embarrassed about his belly fat then. She asks him if he is willing to do it again then silently his arms went up in an ‘O’ shape. He then changes the situation to him acting as a person visiting the gallery and looking at the pictures while she will be the person to hug him from the back. They try it out but when she approaches him, she lightly placed her hands on his waist then walks away.


Disappointed, Kwanghee whines about it. She then launched herself at him, giving him a surprise hug.

They continue admiring the pictures and talking about their memories. Sunhwa starts to tear up while reflecting on all the good times they had together.


Kwanghee’s group members, Siwan and Dongjun, arrives.


Not too long later, Hyosung and Jieun of Secret arrives. They have an awkward conversation about their recent activities. They are currently promoting Ze:a 5 and Kwanghee made a comment that they are trying to get rid of the married man that smells like an old man. Sunhwa fakes bursting anger and tries to approach Siwan as if she wants to beat him to pulp. Kwanghee tells her to calm down and stop using this excuse to approach Siwan. She storms towards Siwans direction asking if Siwan smells like an old man himself, takes a whiff and walks away saying indeed he does not smell like an old man.

Early on, Sunhwa really wanted to pair up with Siwan instead of Kwanghee for WGM

After going through the pictures, Hyosung, Jieun, Siwan an d Dongjun have some refreshments. Hyosung says that she finally understands why Kwanghee have been taking crazy selca pictures with Sunhwa. The pictures contain all their memories of their time together.


The building is suddenly taken over by the sound of toy guns! The Moon brothers a.k.a. triple trouble are here for a visit. Mason declares a war against all the photos they disliked and the boys decided to shoot at every single photo of Sunhwa at their eye level. The three muskateers did not get much airtime.


The final guest has arrived. Ok Taecyeon from 2PM has arrived! Weird that he’s on this segment rather than on Jinwoon’s segment. He needs to pay the other couple a visit sometime. He come bearing a gift of a bouquet of red roses for Sunhwa. Kwanghee greets him with a bro hug and Sunhwa shakes his hands. This screen capture above looks like they are holding hands but really it’s just a brief shake. Kwanghee and Sunhwa show him around.

By the way, the editing for this episode is so choppy! It is obvious that there is too much material to be condensed into one episode.


Now that all the guests have arrived, they sit down to play a game for prizes. It is entirely based on luck because they will be spinning the roulette. The roulette has 8 blank slots for the guests to write their names but since there are only 5 guests, Kwanghee suggested that they battle it out to win themselves an extra slot on the roulette. Hyosung suggests that Taecyeon reproduce the scene of him carrying Moon Geun Young in Cinderella’s Sister. Surprisingly, Taecyeon decides to pick up Dongjun and run in a circle around everyone. LOL! Probably the best part of the whole episode.


They suggests that Kwanghee and Sunhwa try the princess lift too…


Most wanted to see Taecyeon perform to his duet song with Baek Jiyoung called “My Ear Candy” so Hyosung is paired up with him for the performance. They don’t look too bad together. Rather watch these two together than Taecyeon and that other girl on We Got Married Global Edition.

I finally figured out who the heck the girl is after people have been posting about them using her Chinese name. Cannot stand her acting! She got lucky being paired with Taecyeon.


Kwanghee suggests that Siwan dances to “My Ear Candy” because he will totally look like a fool. Again Hyosung is partnered up for the dance. Siwan shows off his ajumma dancing skills and tries to do some dance moves with his rigid body. How on earth did he end up in a dance group? Kwanghee says that Siwan has a special gift in dancing and calls him the ‘dance breaker’. Nope, not break dancer. Dance breaker i.e. break every single dance he tries. Pretty good nickname!


Sunhwa and Kwanghee decides that Hyosung, Taecyeon and Siwan wins an extra slot each on the roulette.


They spin for third prize and Hyosung wins. The prize turns out to be pretty awesome.


Hyosung lands the second prize as well and it turns out to be high quality Korean beef.


Kwanghee teases that the first prize is something valuable and most girls will like it. The guests are worried that Hyosung might win again with her lucky streak. Hyosung decides that she will give away the second and third prize if she wins the first place prize. She spins the wheel again and sure enough it lands on her slot. I think the wheel is a little heavier on one side than the other. That’s the only reasonable explanation for the biased results. Hyosung jumps with joy for winning the ‘best’ prize. She unboxes the prize but Kwanghee shielded her eyes from the contents of the box. The other guests took a glance at the box and have a shock. Hyosung finally sees the contents of the box and falls to the ground.


Ohemgee. It is a box filled with an alarm clock, pillow, t-shirt, socks and a mug with Sunhwa and Kwanghee’s couple photo all over them. Awesome prank. Glad it worked!


The guests say goodbye. Kwanghee and Sunhwa stays back to wrap up.


Sunhwa expressed her regrets about not taking more photos together so Kwanghee suggests that they take another selca there and then. Sunhwa starts to cry again. Kwanghee is affected and he too starts tearing up. She tells him that she is thankful for him doing such great things for her but she never has the chance to return the favour. She asks him if he has any requests and he just said for her to stay by his side.


In the interview, Kwanghee says that the only thing that he wants is to know about Sunhwa’s honest feelings. There are many things which cannot be expressed during the show. Sunhwa says that it is confusing because she never knows what is real and what is fake in their relationship. I guess the line between virtual relationship and their friendship in real life is getting blurry as time passes by.


2 thoughts on “Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 165

  1. They really hit it off and, as the commenters once said, play well together. I wonder if Kwanghee’s straight after all?

    Taecyeon and Gui Gui are super cute on WGM Global. I recommend it. It’s lovely. The other couple are a bit meh, though Fujii Mina is gorgeous.

    And I really want to see Ahn Jaehyo on this! He’d be so adorably vain and funny.

    • I think the best thing about Sunhwa and Kwanghee is the fact that they are friends to begin with so they skip the shy parts and dive straight into having fun and being silly together. Their craziness is plain entertaining!

      Can’t stand Gui Gui! Seen her a few times on TW entertainment shows D: but then I can see her as the entertaining kind…

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