Ask Sheepy: How to get him more “Involved”

Hi girls! Last month’s Ask Sheepy, we talked about the importance of letting go and how it could benefit both you and your other half. This month’s Ask Sheepy is getting your guy more involved in your life. We’ll  be talking about the basics today: grocery shopping, cooking and going shopping with you for clothes. I hope you’ll enjoy some of these tips that I’ve learned from the past few years of being  in a relationship!

1. Going Grocery Shopping


I don’t know about you, but when I was in high school I was insanely jealous of the cute couples that littered my grocery store. I’d be especially green with envy when the guy was holding the girl’s purse! It seemed so sweet, like they were from a romance novel picking things up for their dinner that night. Well, now that I’m in my own relationship, sometimes it’s hard to get my boyfriend to go to the store with me. However, when we do manage to get there, I always have an idea in my head already of what I wanted to make for dinner that night.

The trick is to get your boyfriend involved. Men do not like to simply walk around with no goals – he’d much rather be doing something else like even sitting on the couch watching TV (I know that sounds contradictory but it’s true lol). Give him goals when you get there. Say, “Honey, I’m looking for apple juice, 5 lemons, a bag of onions, and spinach.” If you give him something to focus on, he’ll have so much more fun. When he brings your apple juice, lemons, onions and spinach to you, congratulate him, and if you’re feeling up to it, tell him that he can choose one snack he wants in the store (if you’re paying). I always tell my boyfriend what I need, and he makes a scavenger hunt out of it. It’s a win-win situation: you get what you want, and he has fun. Then, when the next time rolls around, he won’t have such a bad impression of going grocery shopping. 🙂

2. Cooking 


Now girls (especially the ones that live with your boyfriend/married ladies), how many times have you thought how wonderful it would be to be cooking dinner with your other half? Maybe you haven’t even thought about because the thought itself sounds so impossible, right? Not so much, if you know how to be tricky! 😉 Find out what he loves to eat – for example, let’s say your boyfriend Alex loves mash potatoes and steak with a garden salad on the side, but whenever you two go out to eat it’s always the same old regular food you order.

When you want Alex to come join you to cook, try telling him, “Hi honey~ I’m cooking your favourite meal (insert here), would you like to help me cook so yours can be done exactly the way you like it?”  That way, Alex will feel like you are thinking about his own direct needs and wants, and will gladly oblige (most of the time).

In fact, my own boyfriend LOVES sushi, and when we decide we will have a sushi making date next week, he will even go out of his way to buy all the ingredients on TOP of making all the sushi! The first time we made it together, I basically just took pictures of him cooking. It was amazing and I never thought it would be so easy to get a guy to help out around the kitchen. It was definitely a fun date, and you got your boyfriend to help out! 🙂

3. Going clothes shopping 


As girls, we’ve all had this scenario before: when you go to Forever 21 your boyfriend makes a b-line to the couches near the fitting room area while you change and stay there until you’re ready to leave. Or, when you walk into H&M, your boyfriend goes off and find an electronics or sports shop nearby. Basically anything he can find to avoid loitering around another clothing store.

There’s no tactic or way to get your significant other to be interested in while shopping, but in past experiences I ask my boyfriend to find things that HE would like to see on me. Think back to the grocery store explanation. If you’re just wandering around aimlessly in Forever 21, of course the poor boy will be bored. Give him something to look for and pick and choose from those choices. When he sees you come out of that dressing room, he will feel like his opinion counts (yes, just because you are wearing something he chose) and that the trip to the clothing store is not such a bad experience.

I hope some of these tips help you girls out! And if you’re a guy, how do you think I did? Anything you would like to add onto these three topics that I’ve written about?


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