Jinwoon ❤ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 165

Wifey meets the in-laws in this episode!  I bet it makes her tummy do flip flops.


Junhee makes her way up steep steps while having her hands full, clutching too many shopping bags.  Jinwoon spots her and made his way down the steps to meet her in the middle to help her out.  Those bags are gifts for Jinwoon’s family.  She tells him that she could not digest anything since last night because of the nervousness. 


Jinwoon stops her from taking another step further saying that he needs to tell her a few precaution before she makes her way into his house.  Oh-ow.  Ain’t soundin’ too pretty.  Turns out it’s not that serious because Jinwoon’s grandmother (from now on shall be known as Granny) is hard of hearing and she needs to speak up when she talks to Granny.  Jinwoon tries a practice round with Junhee with speech volume but they both found it ridiculous and cracked up.

Junhee worries about how she looks and whether Jinwoon’s family would like her.  Jinwoon assures her that his family loves her and even calls her their baby when they see her on TV.


Finally, they make their way to the door and ring the doorbell.  Jinwoon’s mother (who for this post shall be known as Mom) opens the door to let them in.  Junhee meets the family that includes Granny, Mom and Jinwoon’s older brother (Big Bro).  Granny gets nervous with all the cameras pointing at her direction and sits on the couch dazed for a moment then laughs.


Mom presented Junhee a bouquet of flowers which is rather funny because Junhee too gave bouquets to Granny and Mom.  Might as well buy yourself a bouquet and call it a day.  I know, I know.  It’s a gift from the heart 😛


Junhee thanks Granny for the flowers but does not get a response so Jinwoon signalled Junhee to speak up.  The second time worked like a charm.  Granny is a big fan of Junhee’s drama ‘Yawang’.


Big Bro says that he is jealous of Jinwoonie after seeing his hot ‘wife’ in person.  I bet that’s not the only thing he is jealous of.  The whole house is decorated with Jinwoon’s photos.  If I was Big Bro, the big green monster called envy would have taken over me.  Junhee points out that Jinwoon and Big Bro looks nothing alike.  Let’s just say Jinwoon got very lucky with the gene pool.  Big Bro say they sound alike when they sing.


Jinwoon tells Junhee that Big Bro and his girlfriend are the exact opposite of their age gap: Big Bro has a girlfriend 6 years younger.  Normal, really.  Big Bro claims that his girlfriend is as pretty as Junhee.  Hey, it’s possible.  Jinwoon beg to differ.  He interrogated Granny and Mom asking who is prettier between the two.  Granny doesn’t say a word but pointed at Junhee’s direction.  LOL.  Granny is going to get in trouble with Big Bro’s girlfriend.  I mean that relationship is the real deal.  Junhee and Jinwoon are just for broadcasting purposes.  Big Bro tries to rectify the situation saying that Granny is just saying things that are suitable for broadcast.  Granny claims she’s just being honest.  Burn!


Junhee asked if Jinwoon has brought any girls home.  Jinwoon, Granny and Mom are pretty honest with it.  They mentioned that Kara’s Nicole and Girls Generation’s Seohyun has visited their house before.  Junhee is not too pleased with that answer.  Mom tries to make the situation better for Junhee (but worse for Nicole) by asking Granny who is prettier between Nicole and Junhee.  Granny, of course, chose Junhee.  She even said that Nicole is short and small.  Nicole will be drenching her pillow with her tears after the news of this broadcast gets out.


Granny asks Junhee and Jinwoon to be closer to each other.  Jinwoon suggests holding hands and wrapping his arms around Junhee’s shoulders and Granny gave the green light.  Jinwoon gives Granny a hug and a kiss then says that the trip back home is worth it.


Junhee wants to greet Granny formally.  Both Jinwoon and Junhee bow toward Granny.  She tells them to have five children, a mix of sons and daughters.  Jinwoon and Junhee’s reaction can be seen in the screen capture.  No words can describe that big excited smile from Jinwoon.  With an explosion of aegyo, Jinwoon tells Granny that he is hungry.


Mom and Granny sets the table and, goodness gracious, that is one awesome spread.  The emcees in the studio finally understand where Jinwoon’s refined taste comes from.


Junhee asks Mom what Jinwoon’s favourite food is.  Mom answers croaker “ using Junlado dialect which confuses Junhee.  The hungry son laughs at Mom’s slip of the tongue while still shoving food in his mouth.  He continues to make fun of Mom and her use of proper Seoul accent.


Jinwoon continues to eat huge amounts of food (often expressed in Korean “inhaling food” LOL).  On the other hand, Junhee is worried about looking good and pleasing to Granny and Mom that it killed her appetite.  She even carried indigestion medication in her pocket.


Jinwoon shows off his bedroom to Junhee.  At the door, Junhee playfully tries to dash into his room.  Once inside, she comments that it smells like a man.  No, she doesn’t mean body or foot odour.  She’s just trying to express that she can feel the masculinity from his bedroom i.e. it’s a boy’s bedroom and not covered with frilly pink laces.  Jinwoon invites her to sit on his bed but she refuses, opting for his chair instead.


She looks around to check out his room and discovers a sticker photo of Jinwoon and a girl.  He explains that the girl was in the same band as he was and is his ex-girlfriend.  Oopsy!  She takes another look at the photo then tosses it back to where it was.  The photo does not go back but fell on the floor.  Junhee doesn’t bother picking it up.  Of all the things she discovers…


She opens her eyes wide trying to scan every nook and cranny for any more suspicious looking items.


Jinwoon shows off his baby pictures.


Junhee asks Jinwoon about his family’s first impression of her.  He says that they like her when they see her on TV but their experience from today will probably be discussed when she’s not around.  Ha.  She then asks if Big Bro hangs out with Jinwoon and his previous girlfriends.  Jinwoon says yes so Junhee feels that her visiting Jinwoon’s house is not such a big deal since he has brought his exes for a visit.  Jinwoon assures her that her visit is different.


She asks him to hurry up and pack the stuff that he is taking to WGM village (remember how they got ex-Lee Joon ❤Oh Yeon Seo’s house last week?).  He picks a mini record player and some socks.  Nowadays he’s wearing interesting socks for her sake.  She tries to check out his sock collection but they are stored in his underwear drawer.  He urges her to take a look which reduced her to this little girl almost shaking with embarrassment.


Jinwoon shows off his drum set in his music room.  He demonstrates his drumming skills while locking his gaze on her.  I sense a player.


He suggests that she tries it out too.  Obviously it’s one of his plans for skinship.  At the end of it he lifts her headphones to whisper in her ear that she did well.  Player status verified!


Junhee takes a self-camera photo with Big Bro and another one with Jinwoon’s family.


5 thoughts on “Jinwoon ❤ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 165

  1. You sense a player? He’s pretty much been one right from the beginning. And I think he likes Junhee more than she likes him.

    But what is with the supposed jealousy from Junhee? I can understand idol-idol competition making Jinwoon annoyed at her liking Baro, but this is a fake relationship!

    I love the naughty Granny in this. That’s my dream, to be a Granny who comments on her grand-kids love lives with all the impunity of old age.

    • Nah, I knew he was quite the player… Just wanted to highlight that bit that shows it off! He’s still likeable. Those smiling eyes fool people XD

      They are suppose to portray what sort of reaction they would display as if the relationship is real. Maybe that’s what she would do in real life.

      • Re reaction IRL: Aah,that makes sense! 🙂 But with that other couple, not Julian Kang, but the other pretty couple who went to Hawaii with Kwanghee and Sunhwa, I think that guy’s reaction to some of the actress’s sexier photo shoots and movie scenes were real. 😉

      • Lol! Lee Joon and his googly eyes on Oh Yeon Seo’s photos! I always had the feeling that Lee Joon cares more about Yeon Seo than vice versa. Also probably because of her stronger personality that scares Lee Joon!

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