Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 2

Thank you for your patience!  Part 2 has arrived *drum roll*


They sit in a line to play 3.6.9 (clap every time there is the number 3, 6 or 9) and Jung In loses the first game.  The punishment was ‘Indian Bab’ which is to lie down on the ice slab and get slaps in the back from everyone.  Jung Chi was nice enough to take the punishment for Jung In but not in the macho man way, rather there were moments that he tries to back out of it.

The second game they play in the ice room is ‘common sense game’.  Wow, we’re going through lots of games in this post.  Each person takes turn to number off, but the order totally depends on your feel as to when to shout out a number.  People who say the same number at the same time or the last person who says a number loses the game.  Sunhwa and Jinwoon says number 3 at the same time.  They play a tie breaker of the alternating syllable game.  Essentially each person says one syllable of a selected word and the first person to mess up loses.  They choose the word ice room (eol eum bang) and they go back and forth.  Out of nowhere, Jinwoon laughs at Sunhwa saying that she should say the word bang when in fact he’s already said the word bang.  Split second of silence.  Jinwoon loses!


Jinwoon gets the Indian Bab punishment while lying on the ice slab.  After getting up, Junhee notice the outline of his six pack from his wet t-shirt.  Jung Chi’s wet t-shirt gets compared to Jinwoon’s and everyone concluded that it was an impression of his bones!  They ask Jinwoon to show off his abs but he refused saying that it is a seasonal product. LOL!  Junhee feels his abs and is impressed only saying “it’s there!”  Jung Chi tells Jung In to go and feel Jinwoon’s abs because she’s never ever going to get a second chance.  Jung In’s naughty hands inches closer and closer to Jinwoon’s abs and she makes tiny jabs at them.


The next game they play is called “007 bang”.  Basically you go around the room pointing (shooting) at people while saying a syllable each of 0-0-7-bang!  Whoever gets shot at ‘bang’ stays still while the two people next to the person who was shot needs to raise their hands and say “aaaah!”   It’s so hard to describe it with words!  Alternate description: basically 0-0-7 are blanks and you can go shooting them at others or yourself, but on ‘bang’ a bullet fires off and kills someone then the people next to the dead person are shocked so they scream “aaah!”  Does that make more sense or is it worse?


Junhee makes the mistake of ‘shooting’ Sunhwa with a ‘bang’ but forgetting to raise her hands and yell.  It means another round of the ice slab for Jinwoonie.  He lies on the ice slab while Jung In and Kwanghee grab hold of his ankles, Sunhwa and Jung Chi grab him by the wrist.  They slide him forward and backward thrice.  Junhee watches with a frown on her face.  To resist the cold, Jinwoon does some push ups.  (Or is he aware that the front of his t-shirt and pants are wet so his six pack will show?)  They all start admiring his six pack.  Pfft.  Sunhwa says “woooaaaah!” loudly and Jinwoon points it out making Sunhwa embarrass.  I believe that secretly he is enjoying all that attention.

So what’s the score now?  Jung In, Jinwoon and Junhee loses once.  That puts Jinwoon ♥ Junhee behind Jung Chi ♥ Jung In.

They decide to play the last game.  The game was to sit on the ice slab and the first person who gets off the ice slab loses.  The two couples discuss their strategies before they start.  Kwanghee and Sunhwa are the judges for this round of games.  They say a few words before they start (they always do this in Korean variety show when there are games) and Jinwoon said that he is doing this for the romance that will happen in the swimming pool.  WTH?  Junhee says “Fighting” to Jinwoon and gives him a wink.  You can almost see him melting as he smiles then he drops and gives a few pushups.  He’s so animated.


Junhee sits on Jinwoon’s lap as expected but the other couple tries something different.  Jung Chi sits on Jung In’s lap.  Junhee refuses to put her entire weight on Jinwoon so she puts some of her weight on her legs.  She starts cramping up after a while.  Aww… those cute slippers!  On the other hand, the 11-year-old couple is too old for all this shy exchanges.  Jung Chi has his entire weight on Jung In.  Poor girl.  She’s so tiny and yet this guy is sitting on her.  Their strategy was to switch out once Jung In cannot take the cold (and the weight) any longer.


Jung In gets up to leave resulting in a point loss on Jung Chi ♥ Jung In team.  Junhee suggested that she quits so that Jinwoon loses the weight.  I think what she should have done was shooed Jinwoon out of the way so she can sit on the ice slab.  Battle of the husbands.  The problem is Jinwoon has been on the ice slab for a longer period than Jung Chi and he’s bound to lose this game.  Jinwoon tries to endure by singing his song entitled “It’s OK”.  How fitting!  Sure enough, he gets up before Jung Chi does.  His pants are soaked and Kwanghee said that Jinwoon passion is so great that he melted the ice with his butt.  Close up on the ice slab shows the imprint of Jinwoon’s behind.  LOL!


Jinwoon and Junhee go to the warm sauna room and they chatted about Jung Chi and Jung In.  Junhee says that Jung Chi has his charms and it make sense that Jung In is worried that he might cheat on her.  Jinwoon asks for examples.  She replies that she likes men with single eyelids because they are sexier.  (Erm… I think there is a difference between Jung Chi’s single eyelids and Jinwoon’s single eyelids.  Jinwoon’s just work to his advantage but the other guy just has single eyelids.  No magic in them!  Shape of the eye is one thing, but the other important thing is that twinkle in the eyes.)


Jinwoon should be sweating buckets when Junhee turns the question around to ask him what he likes in a girl.  She mentions Lee Min Jung (which is another very pretty girl) is his ideal type and he starts to explain.  Apparently Section TV has her cornered about this.  All Jinwoon could do was to quietly sip his drink and then offers some to Junhee.  Fantastic trick this is.  I use it a lot too.  Works better with food because you can’t talk with your mouth full!  Bad manners.  Tsk tsk.  Once she’s done sipping she comes back with a sentence that slayed Jinwoon.  She said at the interview that her ideal type is Kwon Sang Woo sunbae.  Yes, the man she’s had a kissing scene with on the drama.  Heh.  Jinwoon stutters asking what she finds attractive in Kwon Sang Woo.  He doesn’t have double eyelids!  Wow.  I like her strategy.  That single eyelid thing really work both ways.


Hot Dad vs. Young Jinwoon

Jinwoon boast about his height but Junhee says Kwon Sang Woo is also tall.  Jinwoon says that he is taller. Jinwoon turns it around by asking her if Kwon Sang Woo knows about being her ideal type and she said no.  Lee Min Jung, however, knows that she is Jinwoon’s ideal type.  Jinwoon have met Lee Min Jung noona when she attended a 2AM concert.  He was shy so he hid from her.  In the interview Junhee says that when she met Baro she was not excited to the point of hiding from him.  Why did Jinwoonie hide himself in the presence of Lee Min Jung?  These two silly kids.


I’m bringin’ sexy back!

Junhee starts talking about what a hot bod Kwon Sang Woo have and how his back muscles are so well defined.  Jinwoon offered to let her touch his back but she refused.  He says that it hurts his pride when Junhee talks about Kwon Sang Woo.  Jinwoon sulks while he says he too has a wide back.


Score check: Jinwoon ♥ Junhee won the “disco pang pang” game, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In won the sauna games.  We’re at 1:1!  Tie breaker coming up.

A tray of black eggs.  What on earth are those?  The fastest couple to finish eating all the eggs wins the game.  Jung In is a master at this because she starts eating the eggs with one hand and peeling an egg with another hand.  They are about the same pace with eating the eggs and the score is at 7:7.  Jung Chi finds a way to cheat by covering up the half eaten eggs with eggshells.  Jung In notices Jung Chi doing it and covers some more with the remaining eggshells.  When Kwanghee checks on them, they tell him that they only have one egg left.  After noticing the speed of the eggs disappearing, Jinwoon and Junhee pulls out of the game saying that they are not giving up, but rather giving way to Jung Chi and Jung In.

Jung Chi ♥ Jung In wins the house snatching Olympics with 2:1!  They get the house with the pool.


Jinwoon and Junhee gets former Lee Joon ♥ Oh Yeon Seo’s place.  They check out the living room then make their way upstairs to check out the bedroom.  The whole room is pink!  I want that for my bedroom minus the shocking pink rug.  I’d replace that with a white faux fur rug.  Now that would be perfect!  Jinwoon suggested lying down to try out the bed and Junhee is caught off guard.  He sits down with an ohemgee gross (running out of adjectives) pose and calls out “honey”.  She sits at the corner of the bed creating some distance between them.  Jinwoon says that it’s good that they lost the game because they get the house with the awesome bedroom that suits them.  Yeah, I can’t picture Jung In and Jung Chi in this bedroom.  I think they would have redone it green or some other colour.  Just the kind of vibe I’m getting from them.

On the other side, Jung Chi and Jung In get an UNFURNISHED HOUSE!  Talk about karma.  That’s what they get for cheating!  They find a mission card that tells them to decorate the house.  <Not recapping their parts!>

Next episode coming up this weekend! ♥


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