Thursday Love List: Starbucks iPhone App

It’s not a secret that I, Littlesheepy, am addicted to Starbucks.

Well, I am not addicted to the point where I shake if I don’t have caffeine, but whenever I walk past the Starbucks near work or in the mall I always wonder, “how nice would a frothy, creamy caramel machhiato taste right at this moment????” and then lo and behold, I am at the Starbucks counter.

002951-starbucks-to-open-1500-more-cafes-in-us_largePlease tell me I am not the only one that feels that way about Starbucks. Technically, I have a love-hate relationship with it and try to control my urges every time I walk by one. I am also very clumsy and am always juggling a ton of things in the lineup: my phone, my wallet, my coin purse, and sometimes even my agenda. Yes, I am a busy girl!

More often than not, whenever I open my coin purse, the contents ALWAYS HAS TO spill out, thus creating quite a scene at the coffee shop. I’ve had a few nice gentlemen (cute, too!) help me as I frantically pick up my coins (they can RUN!). However, recently, I’ve had a friend who recommended the Starbucks app and it’s been WONDERFUL to me.

App here

You can register your little gift card and even SCAN your phone at the register! The best thing about it is that the balance is always there after every purchase, so you don’t need to have random receipts floating around your purse (or if you’re a guy, random receipts stuffed in your pocket lol). It’s such an awesome app and you can even find drinks that suit your fancy (it will tell you if the drink you picked in the app is yearly or a seasonal flavour).

Now, there is one less thing in my hand as I wait in line eagerly for my fresh, hot cup of liquid happiness. How do YOU like your Starbucks drink? 🙂


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